PFS:Graph Presentations Graphics DOS

PFS:Graph, from Software Publishing Corporation, is an easy to use graphing application for early IBM PC compatibles, Apple IIs, Apple IIIs, and Macintosh. Later it evolved in to PFS:First Graphics, and IBM rebranded a version as IBM Graphing Assistant.

PFS:WindowWorks Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications PIM Database Windows

PFS WindowWorks, from Spinnaker Software and Ancier Technologies, is an integrated all-in-one office application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, chart editor, telecommunications, database, label maker and address book. Supposedly it was the first of such office suites for Windows 3.0, but soon competed with Microsoft Works for Windows. for Windows"](/product/better-working-eight).

PowerPoint Presentations Windows MacOS

Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphical presentation tool that is today part of Microsoft Office. Prior to its acquisition by Microsoft, it was known as "Presenter" from Forethought Inc. These are the standalone versions. For the Office bundled versions, see Microsoft Office.

Presentation Express Presentations DOS

Presentation Express, from Business & Professional Software, Inc, is a graphing program designed for use with slide recorders. It is related to Business & Professional Software's "35mm Express", but adds improved color handling, chart formats, and fonts.

Presentation Task Force Presentations DOS

Presentation Task Force, from New Vision Technologies, is a collection of clipart for DOS and Windows. It was highly rated by PC Magazine.

PushButton WORKS Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database Windows

PushButton WORKS, from MicroBurst Inc., was a very low cost rudimentary integrated office suite. It includes a word processor, spread sheet, graphing program, and database. It competed with ClarisWorks, Footprint Works, and Microsoft Works for Windows.

Show Partner Presentations Graphics DOS

Show Partner is a powerful desktop presentation graphics tool for MS-DOS. With it, you can create or edit graphics, capture screen shots, and assemble them in to an automated redistributable slide show. It supports animations, scripting, and numerous transition effects. It includes screen capture tools for DOS and Windows 1.x/2.x. Show Partner is designed to show presentations directly on your computer screen, rather than printouts or slides. CGA. However, this version supports IBM EGA and VGA. does not include automated graphing capabilities like Harvard Graphics or PowerPoint. Microsoft Mouse 6.00 driver software.

Sign-Master Presentations DOS

Sign-Master, from Decision Resources and later Ashton-Tate, is a companion product to Chart-Master and Diagram-Master. It shares the same ability to produce presentation quality graphics on high resolution printers or plotters, but geared more towards textual presentation slides.

Slidewrite Plus Presentations Graphics DOS

Slidewrite Plus is an easy to use general purpose business graphing and slide making program. It supports the usual bar, line, scatter, area, mixed hi-low, and pie charts. It competed against graphing programs like Harvard Graphics and Freelance.

VCN ExecuVision Presentations DOS

Visual Communications Network's ExecuVision was the first business presentation package for the IBM PC. It was targeted at business professionals, and was advertised as a complete graphics art department on a computer. It was also notable for it's clip art collection, which was also a first. Wanted: VCN ExecuVision Graphics Library 3: Industry and Business

VideoWorks Presentations Graphics MacOS

VideoWorks is a Macintosh animation program that eventually became Macromedia/Adobe Director.

VisiTrend/Plot Presentations DOS

VisiTrend/VisiPlot is a data analysis and graphing tool. It is part of the Visi Series of applications from VisiCorp, that also included VisiWord, VisiCalc, VisiFile, VisiSpell, and VisiTutor.

WinGraph Presentations Graphics Windows

WinGraph, originally from Palantir and also published by Media Cybernetics, is a rudimentary business graphing presentation program for Microsoft Windows 2. It can edit and display up to four graphs at a time, and supports export to Halo CUT files.

WordPerfect Presentations Presentations DOS

WordPerfect Presentations is WordPerfect Corp's offering to the desktop presentation market. It is an enhancement to and replacement for DrawPerfect. In addition to DrawPerfect's charting, it adds slide printing, on-screen slide shows, templates, a text outliner, a slide sorter, and supports multimedia audio. At release, it competed against PowerPoint, Aldus Persuasion, Harvard Graphics, and Lotus Freelance Graphics. Notably, it did all this while the initial release was for DOS. A version for Microsoft Windows was later released.

WordPerfect Works Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Database DOS

WordPerfect Works was an all-in-one integrated office productivity package that included a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing program, database, and a communications program. Initially it was just for DOS, but later there was a version for Microsoft Windows. Corporation's smaller lightweight programs. This included LetterPerfect, a scaled down DrawPerfect, PlanPerfect, and the WordPerfect Executive shell. The database was based around the Mailmerge system.

Xerox Globalview Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Communications Database Windows Unix

Xerox Globalview is a desktop environment and office suite originally developed for the Xerox Star. It was developed in the MESA programming language on the Xerox Star, and ported to Sun Solaris, OS/2, and Windows 3.1 (The OS/2 version requires a MESA emulator card).

Xerox Presents Presentations Windows

Xerox Presents is a slideshow/presentation program similar to PowerPoint. You can use it to draw various kinds of graphs and charts, and it comes with a selection of vector based clipart. It later became CA Cricket Presents.