Microsoft Mail Communications DOS Windows MacOS

There were two distinct "Microsoft Mail" products. One for AppleTalk Networks, and one for PC Networks.

Microsoft Outlook Communications PIM Windows

Microsoft Outlook (not to be confused with Outlook Express) is an enterprise grade e-mail client. It is primarily intended for use with Microsoft Exchange Server. It was available as both a stand-alone product and as part of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Phone Communications Windows

Microsoft Phone is a telephony program for Microsoft Windows. It enables your desktop PC to act as an answering machine or dialer and receive faxes. Microsoft Phone includes Microsoft Voice, which lets you control Windows using audio voice commands.

Microsoft Works Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database DOS Windows MacOS

Microsoft Works was an all-in-one scaled-down Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Database geared towards the home user. It was released in variants for early DOS, Windows, and Macintosh. Microsoft Works competed against Lotus Jazz, FrameWork, AlphaWorks/LotusWorks, PFS First Choice, and many others.

Mite Communications DOS

Mite is a telecommunications program that originated on CP/M. It was used for communicating with bulletin board systems, information services, and terminal emulation. It is not the most friendly or powerful, but some OEMs bundled it with their hardware.

MultiExpress Data and Fax Communications Windows

MultiExpress Data and Fax 3.0 is one of a number of packages in the MultiExpress product series. This package includes MutliExpressFAX, a tool for receiving and sending FAXes, and MultiExpress Terminal, a terminal program for connecting to BBSes or mainframes.

Open Access Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Communications Database DOS

Open Access III is a DOS based integrated office suite that includes a database, word processor, spreadsheet, statistical analysis, graphics, telecommunications and a C style custom application programming language.

Oracle Office Communications Windows

Oracle Office 2.0 is a groupware solution from Oracle, similar to Lotus Notes or WordPerfect Office (Groupware), but uses Oracle's database as a backend and includes database functionality in addition to document processing. It featured the ability to connect thousands of users at once. This software later became "Oracle Documents".

PATHWORKS Web Browser Communications DOS Windows

PATHWORKS is a network client suite that enables PCs to communicate with VMS and Ultrix systems from Digital Equipment Corporation.

PC Telemail Communications DOS

Telenet (later Sprintnet) was a worldwide communications network that connected terminal users and host computer systems, enabling them to access the Telemail host system by dialing a local telephone number and avoiding costly long-distance charges . conjunction with the Telemail service. The PC Telemail system enables your personal computer to mimic the functions of the Telemail host computer. It contains many additional features which enhance the use of the overall Telemail service. capabilities, forms design and creation, automatic and timed message exchange, Activity and status logs for tracking messages, and Communications with other computer systems.

PC-Xview Communications DOS

PC-Xview is a mature X Windowing program for DOS. It supports a wide variety of DOS network clients

pcANYWHERE Communications DOS Windows

pcAnywhere is a tool that enables one to remotely control another computer, or to be remotely controlled.

Perfect Link Communications DOS

Perfect Link, from Perfect Software, Inc, is a rudimentary terminal telecommunications program for DOS.

PFS Access Communications DOS

PFS Access is an easy to use, but rather basic, telecommunications program designed to fit in with the low cost PFS series products. It lacks many features found in more professional products.

PFS:WindowWorks Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications PIM Database Windows

PFS WindowWorks, from Spinnaker Software and Ancier Technologies, is an integrated all-in-one office application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, chart editor, telecommunications, database, label maker and address book. Supposedly it was the first of such office suites for Windows 3.0, but soon competed with Microsoft Works for Windows. for Windows"](/product/better-working-eight).

Pmcomm Communications OS2

Pmcomm is an easy to use personal telecommunications program for IBM OS/2. Supports powerful features such as scripting.

Procomm Plus Communications DOS Windows

ProComm, from Datastorm technologies, was a powerful and very popular telecommunications program for DOS and Windows. TERMULATOR, written to fill the gap left by shareware PC-Talk when its author died. protocols for uploading and downloading, and automatic redial. The commercial "ProComm Plus" includes a scripting language, more terminal types, additional file transfer protocols, context sensitive help, support for 8 COM ports, and a professionally written manual (telecommunications)](/product/microsoft_access_business_information_access_program), Crosstalk, Relay Gold, and PFS Access. Later, it competed with QModem and Telemate.

PuTTY Communications Windows

PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application.

Qmodem Communications DOS Windows

Qmodem was a friendly, well designed, and feature rich, commercial telecommunications program that was also distributed in shareware form. The first release was in 1984 by John Friel III, and sold to Mustang Software in 1991. During the early years, it competed with PC-Talk. During the later years, it competed with Procomm and Telemate.

QuickLink Communications DOS Windows

Quick Link Fax, from Smith Micro Software, is a program for receiving and sending Faxes under DOS and Windows 3.1 with a compatible FAXModem. It competed against Delrina WinFax.

Reflection Communications Windows

Reflection is a terminal emulator suite that connects PCs to mainframes, AS/400 and Unix hosts. Each emulator in the suite is designated by number: Reflection 1 is an HP terminal emulator, Reflection 2 is a VT320 terminal emulator, Reflection 4 is a VT340 emulator, and there are also terminal emulators for IBM 3270 and AS/400.

Relay Gold Communications DOS Windows

Relay/PC Gold is a powerful telecommunications program targeted at corporate users. It supports multiple communications sessions, scripting, file transfers, IBM 3270 connectivity, DEC Terminal emulation, and TCP/IP connectivity.

Softerm Communications DOS

Softerm is a powerful and flexible communications manager and terminal emulation program that operates on a variety of personal computers. It provides basic terminal communications to a variety of host computer, timesharing services, and information services such as The Source, CompuServe, and Dow Jones News/Retrieval. Softerm also functions as an exact look-alike for many popular CRT terminals which enables applications written for a specific CRT terminal to operate with your personal computer system transparently and without programming changes.

SuperVoice Communications Windows

SuperVoice is a voice messaging program for use with voice capable modems under Windows. SuperVoice features the ability to operate as a single mailbox, a multi-mailbox, or a message center - all in one program. with Voice, and QuickLink MessageCenter.

Tandem 6530 Terminal Emulator Communications DOS

This is a terminal program that emulates a Tandem mainframe terminal.