Get Organized Word Processor Communications PIM DOS

Get Organized is a bare-bones integrated tool that includes a word processor, address book, index card file, notepad, calculator, calendar, and simplistic telecommunications. It was targeted at high end home users and low end business users.

GroupWise Communications PIM Server DOS

Originally created by WordPerfect Corp in 1987 as WordPerfect Office (groupware), and acquired by Novell in 1994 where it became GroupWise, GroupWise is a cross-platform collaboration platform that includes email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management.

HP Terminal Program Communications DOS

The "HP Terminal Program" is a terminal emulator that graphically emulates a number Hewlett-Packard and standard terminal types. This product was bundled with some early HP Vectra computers. Supports CGA, EGA, Mono, and VGA graphics. It appears to be a lesser version of HP AdvanceLink.

HyperAccess Communications DOS

HyperAccess is a telecommunications program that features easy to use scripting and a large number of file transfer protocols. There were versions for DOS, OS/2 and Windows.

IBM 3101 Emulator Communications DOS

This is a telecommunications program from IBM that lets an IBM PC emulate an IBM 3101 terminal. This was used with IBM's mainframe/minicomputer products. Product features: Emulation of a 3270-oriented subset of 3101 block mode, Full-screen sessions through PVM or VAMP, Series/1 Yale IUP and 7171 support, limited non-full-screen support for TSO/TCAM, connection to a Series/1 in block mode, Half and Full Duplex Hosts, and connection to other IBM PC's in Character Mode.

IBM 5520 Personal Computer Attachment Program Communications DOS

The IBM 5520/Personal Computer Attachment Program enables you to switch back and forth between your microcomputer and the functions of text and files processing and document distribution. Using this program, you can emulate (imitate the functions of) an IBM 5253 Display Station and use the functions of the IBM 5520 Administrative System. You can also emulate an IBM 3278 Display Station and add, change, copy, or delete data in the data base of an appropriately programmed IBM System 370 attached to an IBM 5520.

IBM Asynchronous Communications Support Communications CPM

IBM Asynchronous Communications Support contains a rudimentary telecommunications terminal emulation program written in IBM BASIC. It was provided alongside IBM PCs and the IBM asynchronous communications adapter (serial port card).

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System Utility Communications Education DOS

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System is a set of education oriented network administration utilities. courseware and 400 office utilities. This version requires Novell NetWare 3.12 server.

IBM FTTerm Communications DOS

The IBM PC/Host File Transfer and Terminal Emulator Program, or "FTTERM", is is a resident TSR program for interactively sending and receiving files between DOS programs and a remote host. Used with IBM mainframe products.

IBM PC 3270 Emulation Program Communications DOS

This is a program that enables an IBM PC to emulate an IBM 3270 terminal.

IBM PC Local Area Network Program Communications Server DOS

The IBM PC Local Area Network Program (1.00 is just named "IBM PC Network Program") is an IBM rebadged version of Microsoft's MS-NET (later Lan Manager). It is a program that lets any workstation on a network share resources, such as drives or printers, with other workstations.

IBM PCTERM Communications DOS

PCTERM is a telecommunications program produced by IBM for use with their mainframe products.

IBM Personal Communications Manager Communications DOS

Personal Communications Manager is a telecommunications program that can connect the IBM PC to online services over a standard telephone line using a modem. It comes pre-configured for use with MCI Mail, Dow Jones, and CompuServe.

IBM Personal Computer Graphics Terminal Emulator Communications MacOS

IBM Personal Computer Graphics Terminal Emulator is essentially a demonstration application developed using the IBM Graphical Kernel System. GKS is a shared, standardized graphics library, designed primarily to support IBM's high end CAD oriented IBM Professional Graphics Controller. GKS supports IBM's other video systems through the use of interchangeable device drivers.

IBM Voice/Phone Assistant Communications DOS

The IBM Voice/Phone Assistant works in conjunction with an IBM Personal Computer Voice Communications Adapter to give your IBM PC telephone recording and answering machine capabilities.

IBMLink Communications DOS

IBMLink was a proprietary online support service for corporate IBM customers. This disk contains the client software that was needed to access this service. Contains one 360k disk image.

IN:TOUCH Communications DOS

IN:TOUCH is a Telecommunications program specifically written for the Bytec Hyperion, a Canadian luggable that beat Compaq to the market, but is not quite 100% IBM PC compatible.

Intellisync Communications Windows

Pumatech Intellisync is corporate software designed to facilitate access to enterprise e-mail services with mobile devices.

Juno Communications Windows

First released in 1996, Juno was originally a free internet and e-mail service with a proprietary client that displayed advertising. As stupid as this seemed, consumertards loved it.

Kea420 Communications Windows

KEA is a VT420 terminal emulator with advanced features for mainframe users.

LapLink Communications DOS Windows

LapLink, from Traveling Software Inc., enables users to easily and quickly move files between two DOS computers using only a serial null-modem cable or a special parallel port connector. No other hardware is needed. Laplink was extremely popular.during the late 80s and early 90s. It was infinitely easier to set up any two arbitrary PCs (often portables or laptops) with LapLink than other methods, such as DOS based networking. MS-DOS 6 bundled a similar set of file transfer tools called INTERLNK and INTERSVR.

Lighthouse Design Ltd Productivity Applications for NEXTSTEP and OpenStep Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Communications Other Database Mathematics Other

Lighthouse Design Ltd Productivity Applications is an application suite of programs for NeXT computers.

Lotus Domino Communications PIM Server OS2

Lotus Domino, originally called Lotus Notes Server, is the sever software used for Lotus Notes clients. Notes is a powerful e-mail and collaboration tool. It was heavily used by large corporations. Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino competed against Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

Lotus Jazz Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications Database MacOS

Lotus Jazz was a heavily marketed all-in-one integrated office suite that included a word processor, spreadsheet, graphing, database, and communications program. Jazz was targeted as a universal solution for all office workers. Although at release, the program was exclusively for the Apple Macintosh 512k. Despite the marketing effort, it flopped miserably. Although it was from Lotus, the spreadsheet was not related to Lotus 1-2-3. Microsoft Works.

Lotus Notes Communications PIM Windows MacOS

Lotus Notes is a powerful e-mail and collaboration tool. It was heavily used by large corporations. It was sometimes criticized for its complexity and bloat. Notes is a client server tool, and uses the Lotus Domino server (originally just called Lotus Notes server). Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino competed against Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.