Microsoft Musical Instruments Reference Novelty Windows

Microsoft Musical Instruments is a multimedia CD ROM encyclopedia of musical instruments from around the world. Part of the Microsoft Home family of multimedia products.

Microsoft Wine Guide Reference Windows

Wine Guide is a "multimedia" CD of wines from around the world. Enjoy some vintage wine with your vintage computing!

Multimedia Cats Reference Novelty Windows

A multimedia database, from Inroads Interactive, about all kinds of cats from all around the world. In the event of an Internet apocalypse, all you will need is this CD and a CD of cartoon farting clips.

Music Mentor Reference Windows

Music Mentor is a comprehensive multimedia classical music tutorial, and includes a variety of sample midi files. The software includes a small built in sequencer, but also bundles Midisoft Recording Session for more advanced music editing.

PC Globe Reference DOS

PC Globe is an electronic atlas of the world that provides profiles, maps, geography, and graphics for the countries of the world. It can generate a variety of reports using this data and export map graphics. They also sold a USA specific version called PC USA that contains more detail about the US states. A related product was released for Windows as PC Globe Maps N Facts.

PC Globe Maps N Facts Reference DOS

PC Globe Maps N Facts is a multimedia reference tool from Broderbund that includes geographic maps, statistics, and information about countries all over the world. released under Broderbund.

PC USA Reference DOS

This is a USA specific version of PC Globe. PC USA provides an electronic atlas of the USA that provides profiles, maps, geography, and graphics for the sates. It can generate a variety of reports using this data and export map graphics.

Rand McNally Route Planner Reference Windows

Rand McNally Route Planner is an electronic atlas on a CD-ROM that enables you to plot routes to plan trips across the USA. It competed with DeLorme Street Atlas, and Microsoft Expedia Streets.

RefrenZing Reference Windows

ReferenZing, from Great Bear Technology, makes a Windows-based dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia accessible from the menu bar in popular word processing applications such as Word Perfect, Microsoft Word and Ami Pro. The software's advanced search capabilities include six types of easy-to-use word searches: partial word, advanced search, rhymes, crosswords, anagrams and jumbles. Users can check spelling and definitions, add flare to writing by looking up new words in the thesaurus or find facts in the encyclopedia. ReferenZing's encyclopedia, The New American Desk Encyclopedia, features more than 14,000 entries, covering statistics, as well as biographical, historical and geographical information.

TheSky Reference Windows

TheSky, from Software Bisque, Inc (a company that also develops telescope mounts) , is an astronomy program that plots the position of objects in the sky and includes a database of object names and other additional information.

Toolworks Desk Reference Reference Windows

Toolworks Desk Reference is an electronic version of the New York Public Library Desk Reference. This reference contains a huge collection of various facts about ideas, advice, details and discoveries. It includes twenty-six subject areas and thousands of entries.

Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus Reference Windows

Random House Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus provides definitions for a very large number of words. It features pronunciations, etymologies, and illustrative sentences with many biographical and geographical entries. The program can search for partial words, mis-spelled words, and using wildcards. Professional Dictionary and Thesaurus, Key Dictionary Plus, Instant Definitions Dictionary, and Funk & Wagnall's Standard Desk Dictionary.

Websters Dictionary Reference DOS

A computerized version of Webster's Dictionary from Proximity Technology Inc. Once loaded, you can access it from within any DOS application using a hot key.

Windows Personal Librarian Reference Database Windows

Windows Personal Librarian is a CD database application for Microsoft Windows 2. It installs fine in a VM, but seems to need some additional configuration after that, but there are no instructions. This is likely a "client" tool meant only to display databases created elsewhere.

XDict Reference Windows

A Chinese dictionary