Microsoft Access Database Windows

Microsoft Access is a powerful and friendly desktop database. You can design complex tables, forms, and reports through selection and drag-and drop. You can make a fully usable interactive database application without a line of code, but for more advanced functionality it supports built-in Visual Basic for Applications. It is also bundled with some versions of Microsoft Office

Microsoft File Database MacOS

Microsoft file is an easy to use (non relational) database program for the Apple Macintosh. You can build custom databases with text, numeric, and pictorial fields. You can then enter or view data through GUI based forms and reports. Microsoft File features a visual form and reports builder that enables you to quickly build a customized database user interface. only sold in Japan. (Source: InfoWorld Jan 21, 1985)

Microsoft Office Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Publishing PIM Database Windows MacOS

Microsoft Office is a bundle of Microsoft's productivity application. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and later Mail, Office Manager, and Outlook. The "1.x" versions of Microsoft Office were simply a marketing bundle of the standalone products sold together with no other packaging changes. Even though these were distinct applications, rather than one single monolithic program, they shared a similar user interface, integrated well together and shared the ability to embed documents from one application in the documents of another.

Microsoft Works Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database DOS Windows MacOS

Microsoft Works was a scaled-down Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Database bundle geared towards the home user. It was released in variants for early DOS, Windows, and Macintosh. Microsoft Works competed against FrameWork, AlphaWorks/LotusWorks, PFS First Choice, and many others. Works was a completely different product from, and even competed against Microsoft Office. Occasionally, Works was bundled with a version of Word, to cover for weaknesses and lack of popularity of the native word processor in the package. Microsoft Works was discontinued in 2007, with the final version being 9.0.

MyTreasures Database DOS

MyTreasures is a budget database program from My Software that is specifically designed for keeping track of collectibles. It features the ability to sort, print booklets, labels, reports, and Rolodex cards. Perfect for inventorying your baseball cards, coins, or VHS video collection.

Nutshell Database DOS

First released in 1984, Nutshell was one of the first easy-to-use general purpose databases. It was created by Nashoba Systems and initially distributed by Leading Edge. layout design. It also supports calculated fields and sorting. version through Forethought Inc. as FileMaker. Later, Nashoba was acquired by Claris, where the product eventually became FileMaker Pro. found here: FileMaker History

Omnis Database DOS MacOS Windows

Omnis, from Blyth Software, is an easy to use multiuser relational database for Windows, MacOS, and OS/2. It was the first database ported to Microsoft Windows, which ran on Windows 1.0x.

Open Access Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Communications Database DOS

Open Access III is a DOS based integrated office suite that includes a database, word processor, spreadsheet, statistical analysis, graphics, telecommunications and a C style custom application programming language.

Oracle Forms and Reports Database Windows

Oracle Forms and Reports is a GUI application builder. It is similar to Visual Basic, but uses the PL/SQL language and integrates heavily with Oracle Server databases.

Oracle Server Server Database Windows DOS

Oracle Server is an enterprise grade database used in many corporations. Oracle makes current versions of their software avaialble for download, but older versions usually disappear.

PC-File Database DOS

PC-File is a simple flat file database management program for DOS. PC-File, along with PC-Write, and PC-Talk were the first popular products sold under the "Shareware" concept.

Peachtext 5000 Word Processor Financial Database DOS

PeachText 5000 is a complete personal productivity system for word processing, financial modeling, mailing lists and simple database management. It contains a thesaurus, spell checker, and file conversion tools.

Perfect Filer Database DOS

Perfect Filer, from Perfect Software, Inc, is an easy to use database for DOS bundled with a number of early DOS and CP/M computers. "Perfect Filer is designed to assist you in the effective management of information. Essentially Perfect Filer allows you to build a computerized records management system where data on clients, customers or other case records can be stored . No more typing and retyping the same information, searching through file drawers, or hand copying or typing information stored in a file . With Perfect Filer your computer can do these tasks and more . You enter information in the file only once, Perfect Filer retrieves it, prints it where and how you want it-on invoices, shipping labels, monthly statements, form letters, etc . Perfect Filer's uses in the modern office are unlimited."

PerfectOffice Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Database Windows

PerfectOffice is a bundle of office applications that competed head on with Microsoft Office.

PFS First Choice Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database DOS

PFS First Choice is a simple, easy to use integrated office suite marketed towards new users. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, database, and telecommunications. First Choice is similar to, but not as feature rich as, the standalone PFS office products. It competed against AlphaWorks/LotusWorks and Microsoft Works.

PFS Professional File Database DOS

PFS Professional File is an easy to use flat-file database for DOS. It is a combination of the earlier PFS:File and PFS:Report products.

PFS:File Database DOS MacOS

PFS:File is an easy to use flat file database that started off as "PFS: The Personal Filing System" on the Apple II and then ported to the IBM PC, TRS-80, and other platforms. OEM version were available from various companies including IBM. Later it evolved in to PFS:Professional File, and IBM rebranded a version as IBM Filing Assistant.

PFS:Report Database DOS

PFS:Report is a companion product to PFS:File. It prepares and prints tabular reports, according to your specifications, from the information stored in a PFS file. IBM rebranded a version as IBM Reporting Assistant. The functionality of this product was later integrated in to PFS:Professional File

PFS:WindowWorks Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications PIM Database Windows

PFS WindowWorks, from Spinnaker Software and Ancier Technologies, is an integrated all-in-one office application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, chart editor, telecommunications, database, label maker and address book. Supposedly it was the first of such office suites for Windows 3.0, but soon competed with Microsoft Works for Windows. for Windows"](/product/better-working-eight).

PushButton WORKS Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database Windows

PushButton WORKS, from MicroBurst Inc., was a very low cost rudimentary integrated office suite. It includes a word processor, spread sheet, graphing program, and database. It competed with ClarisWorks, Footprint Works, and Microsoft Works for Windows.

Q&A Database DOS

Symantec Q&A is a low end flat-file database manager that includes a word processor and a natural language query and reporting interface. While the package is forms-based like Professional File, it is more sophisticated and powerful. Symantec also sold a companion word processor called Q&A Write.

R:Base Database DOS

R:Base, from Microrim and first released in 1983, was a popular relational database that competed with Ashton Tate's dBASE product. R:Base was the first relational database for the IBM PC, also notable as earlier relational databases typically required more powerful hardware. R:Base also includes a form and report generator that is optimized for the capabilities of the IBM PC and features the ability to add or remove fields without losing data or relationships.

RapidFile Database DOS

Rapidfile is an easy to use and flexible flat-file database with an integrated word processors. It supports customizable data views and reporting. It was aimed at those who need databases for simple tasks for which relational databases would be an overkill.

SharePoint Chat PIM Server Database Windows

Microsoft SharePoint is a Windows Server hosted collabaration tool allowing for document management, custom lists, workflows, wiki-style editing within an organization, web applications and plugins, extranets and intranets.

Smart Shop Financial Database DOS

Smart Shop, from Smart Shop Software, Inc. is a shop management database system for DOS.