CashBIZ Financial DOS

CashBIZ, from M-USA Business Systems, Inc, is a low-cost and low-feature accounting tool for small cash based businesses. It features modules for checks, billing, and receipts, and a number of pre-defined reports.

Celebrity Word Processor DOS

Celebrity is a powerful word processing program that includes a Speller, Thesaurus, Forms System, Report Writer, Calculator, Calendar, and File Cabinet. It was advertised as a solution for novice users, however the command based interface makes it less than user friendly.

Cellular Automata Lab Novelty DOS

Cellular Automata Lab is a powerful commercial scientific mathematical program for working with and exploring Cellular Automata, a system where individual mathematical elements grow, spread, and die based on a set of rules (like the old BASIC "Life" programs). This software provides functionality to create custom sets of rules. Although it had some potential applications, this specific product is more of a novelty, similar to fractal generators. It was published by Autodesk during a period of experimental exploration in to new scientific applications.

Central Point Anti-Virus Utility DOS

Central Point Anti-Virus was a DOS-based antivirus program developed originally by an Israel company, CARMEL Software Engineering Ltd. as "Turbo Anti-Virus", and licensed by Central Point Software Inc. It was the basis for Microsoft's Anti-Virus for DOS and Windows (MSAV and MWAV). In 1994 it was acquired by Symantec Corporation and merged into Norton Antivirus.

Change Directory Plus Utility DOS

Change Directory Plus is a small commercial utility distributed with Softdisk publishing's Big Blue Disk magazine. It indexes all folders on your hard drive, and permits you to change in to a deep subdirectory simply by specifying the final subdirectories name.

Chart-Master Presentations Graphics DOS

Chart-Master, originally introduced in 1981 by Decision Resources, Inc., was the first software that could produce presentation quality graphics with a plotter on a personal computer. Decision Resources also produced Sign-Master and Diagram-Master. They were acquired by Ashton-Tate in 1986. This program was also bundled in the Master Graphics Presentation Pack.

CheckIt Utility DOS

CheckIt, from TouchStone Software Corporation, is a diagnostic tool for generic PC/XT/AT compatible computers. It can perform tests on RAM, hard disks, video cards, floppy disks, motherboard resources, and I/O devices. It has an easy to use menu interface but can also run tests non-interactively. It was followed up by the product WINCheckit.

Checks And Balances Financial DOS

Checks & Balances, by California Digital Engineering, is a fast, powerful, and flexible home accounting package for the IBM PC. It Manages checking, savings, and credit accounts, and prints checks.

ChiWriter Word Processor Mathematics DOS

ChiWriter is a WYSIWYG scientific text editor for DOS. Created by Cay Horstmann in 1986, it was one of the first that could write mathematical formulas on common PC computers.

Citrix Multiuser Link Communications DOS OS2

Multiuser Link is a telecommunications program that Connects a PC running DOS or OS/2 to a Citrix Multiuser system via standard RS-232C serial directly or with a modem.

Clarion Database DOS Windows

Clarion is an advanced user friendly 4GL DBMS and programming environment for DOS and Windows.

ClickArt Personal Publisher Publishing DOS

ClickArt Personal Publisher is a simplified, Mac-like desktop publishing program. It was later purchased by Software Publishing Corporation and turned in to PFS:First Publisher, who then in turn sold it to Spinnaker Software where it became Easy Working Desktop Publisher

CO/Session Communications DOS

CO-Session is a remote communication access program that supports remote control, file transfer, automates session, and promoted itself as faster and more powerful than Carbon Copy Plus.

Colorado Backup Utility DOS Windows

Colorado Backup is the software provided with HP Colorado tape drives.

ColoRIX Graphics DOS

ColorRIX is a simple mouse-driven painting program for DOS. It features the ability to easily work with pallets and gradients. It was bundled with some video cards, and supported many custom resolutions. VGA Paint, on standard IBM VGA hardware, supports an undocumented 360x480 256 color mode.

Company Ladder Presentations DOS

Company Ladder is a budget oriented tool that specialized in making corporate organizational charts. It could handle large numbers of entries and print high quality graphs.

CompuServe Information Manager Communications DOS Windows

CompuServe Information Manager is the client software used for accessing the CompuServe service.

Condor Database DOS

The Condor database is an easy to use, customizable, menu-driven relational database management system. It boasts the ability to let you design databases without programming, using only simple English, and a form and report designer. It is suitable for simple to complex tasks. It originated on CP/M-80 systems, competed against dBase II, and was ported to DOS. weight file management system, while "Condor 3" is the full featured database product. version between 1 and 3. systems, such as Zenith, HP, DEC, NEC, and more.

Conner Backup Basics Utility DOS Windows

Conner Backup Basics is a dumbed down version of Conner Backup Exec that only works with their tape drives. This software will not run at all without the appropriate tape drive attached.

Control Room Utility DOS

Control Room is an all-in-one resident system information and configuration tool. It includes a number of disk utilities such as undeleting, wiping, and encrypting files. It can scan files and detect unwanted changes. Control Room can change system settings such as keyboard repeat rate and supports creating keyboard macros.

Coping With Job Stress Education DOS

Coping With Job Stress, from Disk-Count Software Inc, is an interactive on-disk lesson about dealing with workplace job stress. It was a cheap educational budget title. The sort of thing that would sell for $6.96 at Wal-Mart. run it at work, and the box doesn't include a 3.5" disk for your new IBM PS/2.

Copy II PC Utility DOS

Central Point Copy II PC is a disk duplication program that can successfully copy many copy protected disks using only standard IBM PC hardware. It is generally considered the best software-only solution for duplicating such disks. "snatchit".

Corel Presentations Presentations DOS

Corel Presentations (which is often referred to simply as Presentations) is a presentation program akin to Microsoft PowerPoint and Impress.

Corporate Ladder Graphics DOS

Corporate Ladder is a quick and easy text-mode DOS based tool for creating organization charts and similar documents such as process-flow diagrams, decision trees, procedure diagrams, forms, and labels.

Correct Grammar Word Processor Utility DOS Windows

Correct Grammar is a grammar checking and analysis tool for DOS. Correct Grammar incorporates technology from the Houghton Mifflin CorrectText system.