The Draw Graphics DOS

The Draw was a popular shareware ANSI graphics and animation editor used to make graphics for BBSes and DOS programs.

The Equalizer Investment Software Financial DOS

This is client software used to access a Charles Schwab financial information service. It keeps track of your portfolio, alerts you when limits are hit, tracks commissions, and produces tax reports. It connects you to their information systems to give you direct access to information similar to what professional investors use. Most of this software will do nothing as it requires a Compuserve account. It competed with program services such as Dow Jones Market Manager Plus.

The New Basics Electronic Cookbook Reference DOS

Created from the best-selling Silver Palate Cookbook series by authors Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins, The New Basics Electronic Cookbook includes a library of over 1,800 delicious recipes, hundreds of colorful pictures, and a wide range of helpful cooking hints, spoken by the authors themselves.

The Print Shop Publishing DOS Windows MacOS

The Print Shop is a home oriented publisher capable of creating calendars, banners, greeting cards and other printable goods. It started off on the Apple II and Commodore 64 where it became popular for its simplicity and ease of use. From day one, it featured interactive editing, on-screen artwork/layout selection, print previewing, and a library of customizable clipart.

The Print Shop Companion Graphics Publishing DOS

As the name suggests, the Print Shop Companion is a companion product to The Print Shop. It contains extra miscellaneous functionality such as graphics editors and envelope printing.

The Program Director Utility DOS

The Program Director is a tiny little customizable menuing program. It was sold commercially as budget software.

The Steinman Spreadsheet Spreadsheet DOS

Steinman is a small spreadsheet program originally written in 1984 for the Commodore 64 by Barbara Steinman. The Steinman Spreadsheet is "output oriented", focusing on creating customized printed reports based on your spreadsheet data. distributed by SoftDisk with their Big Blue Disk magazine.

The Twin Spreadsheet DOS

"The Twin", from Mosaic Software, is a spreadsheet that touts compatibility and visual similarity with Lotus 1-2-3. better graphics, a much lower price, and was not copy protected. It was a little slower than Lotus 1-2-3, but this was less of an issue for budget users. The Twin, along with Paperback VP-Planner and Borland Quattro Pro were the subject of a lawsuit claiming that duplicating the "look and feel" violated Lotus's copyrights.

The Video Wizard Database DOS

The Video Wizard, from IntraCorp, Inc., is a database program specifically for keeping track of video tapes. Among other things it has the ability to locate blank space on your tapes. It also includes a primitive video titler for use with IBM CGA composite video out. This program was also available for a number of other platforms such as Apple II, C64, and Atari ST.

Time Line Planning DOS Windows

A once popular, powerful, easy to use project management program first released in 1984 from Breakthrough Software. Has unlimited number of tasks, dependencies, resources, and cost categories. It competed against Microsoft Project, and CA-SuperProject. Breakthrough Software merged with Symantec in 1987. The final version was 6.x for Windows.

Timeworks DOS Office Word Processor Spreadsheet Database DOS

Timeworks DOS Office, from Timeworks, Inc., is an office suite consisting of the Timeworks Word Writer PC word processor, the Timeworks SwftCalc spreadsheet, and the Timeworks Data Manager desktop database.

Toolworks DOS Tutor Education DOS

Toolworks DOS Tutor is an extensive DOS tutorial with detailed descriptions about the operation of common IBM PC compatibles, peripheral hardware, and the operation of DOS.

Top Priority PIM DOS

Top Priority is a Personal Information Management tool that keeps track of your appointments and tasks, set priorities, alerts you of periodic events, chart progress, and creates schedules. It offers an optional resident version that can run in the background while other DOS programs are in use. Can export data to Calendar Creator Plus.

TopView Utility DOS

Released by IBM in 1984, TopView was a text-mode windowed multitasker for the IBM PC, XT, and AT computer. It featured preemptive multitasking, text-based windowed task sessions, overlapping windows, and supports the use of a mouse. In part, it was one of the reasons why overlapping windows were added to Microsoft Windows 2.0. TopView was later overtaken by DesqView, OS/2, and Windows. For more information, see the Topview 1.00 Software Spotlight.

ToyBox Menu Manager / Magic Desk Utility DOS

ToyBox II, later renamed to Magic Desk, is a simplified graphical menu system that lets you launch your DOS applications from a selection of tiled iconic buttons. Supports nested hierarchies, includes an icon editor, and a number of common icons.

Tree86 Utility DOS

Tree86, from The Aldridge Company, is an easy to use tree-based file manager for DOS.

Trend Micro Chip Away Utility DOS

Released in the early 90s by the Japanese company Trend Micro Devices, Inc (later just Trend Micro), Chip Away Viruses is a DOS based virus scanner that is intended to run from a hardware product built in to a PC motherboard before the system boots. It includes a custom embeddable DOS (called X-DOS), but it can be run from regular DOS. Trend Micro also produced the products PC Rx (A regular software virus scanner), and PC-cillin (a hardware/software combo that keeps critical boot information in a special device). Users sometimes misinterpreted the name "ChipAway Virus" as being a virus itself.

TTY Communications Communications DOS

TTY Communications is a rudimentary dial up/terminal emulation telecommunications package sold with the Texas Instruments Personal Computer.

Turbo Lightning Utility DOS

Borland's Turbo Lightning is a DOS based TSR spell checker. It can also look up Synonyms.

Turbo Tax Financial DOS

Turbo Tax, from ChipSoft, was a program that assists people in filing their tax returns.

Type Faces Utility DOS

Type Faces is a program that can print word processing documents using a number of fancy fonts. The fonts are rendered graphically so you are not dependent on the fonts included with your printer. At the smaller sizes, the fonts are letter quality. Type Faces supports formatting codes that you can insert in to your documents, such as right justify, centering, and underline.

V-Print Utility DOS

V-Print, from CompuView, is a printing product designed to accompany VEDIT.

V-Spell Utility DOS

V-Spell, from CompuView, is a spell checking product designed to accompany VEDIT. VEDIT was a powerful, customizable, and portable editor designed for programmers and power users.

Varsity Scripsit Word Processor DOS

Varsity Scripsit is a menu driven, easy to use, low cost word processor sold by Tandy/RadioShack and targeted toward academic users. It features footnotes, built in help, split screen, spell checker, automatic hyphenation, table of contents and keyword index generation, user definable macros, reference markers, paragraph locking, line drawing, and phonetic symbols.

VCN ExecuVision Presentations DOS

Visual Communications Network's ExecuVision was the first business presentation package for the IBM PC. It was targeted at business professionals, and was advertised as a complete graphics art department on a computer. It was also notable for it's clip art collection, which was also a first. Wanted: VCN ExecuVision Graphics Library 3: Industry and Business