Windows for Pen Computing Windows

The Windows for Pen Computing add-on adds pen input capabilities through drivers, a virtual keyboard and handwriting input.

Windows Starts Here Windows

Windows Starts Here is a Windows tutorial from Microsoft Press that shows you how to put Microsoft Windows to work for you.

Workgroup Add-On DOS

The Microsoft Workgroup Add-On for MS-DOS is the easy way to connect users of MS-DOS to networks based on Microsoft windows. Now you can share documents, messages, and printers among PCs running MS-DOS and connect to Windows-based PCs too. It could be just what you need to make the most of older PPCs and start networking.

Xerox 6060 Diagnostics DOS

This is the diagnostics and GW-Basic disk bundled with Xerox 6060 IBM PC clones. these disks.

Zenith Z-200 Diagnostics DOS

These are a set of diagnostic programs for Heath/Zenith Z-200 computers.

Zenith Z-200 GW-Basic DOS

This is an OEM disk of GW-Basic bundled with Zenith computers.