Adaptec EZ-SCSI DOS Windows

EZ-SCSI, from Adaptec, is a set of drivers for Adaptec SCSI cards.

Adobe Type Manager Windows MacOS

Adobe Type Manager was designed to provide scalable fonts on early Mac and Windows 3.0 systems that did not provide similar functionality natively. ATM is required by a number of graphics application originally designed to work in these environments. ATM is packaged as a "lite" installable runtime. Later releases offer a "Deluxe" version with extra font management abilities. Other OSes including NeXTSTEP, DESQview, and OS/2 come with ATM functionality built-in.

Aristosoft More Windows Windows

More Windows, from Aristosoft, is a video driver that gives you a large scrollable virtual desktop on your existing VGA or EGA system. It offers several virtual desktop sizes including Portrait and Landscape - that may be preferable for different kinds of tasks. It also offers a "paper white" monochrome mode that uses less memory and features a "birds eye" view. The other video modes will consume extra Extended memory.

AVGA3 GD542x Display drivers DOS Windows

Driver disks for the AVGA3, a Cirrus Logic based video card. Includes drivers for Windows 3.0

Backpack Drivers DOS Windows

This CD contains device drivers for all Micro Solutions Backpack hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and disk drives as of 2002. Backpack drives were mostly external parallel port connected, and very useful on systems that could not be expanded otherwise.

Calmira Windows

Calmira is a free product that gives Windows 3.1 the appearance of later versions of Windows. This is free open source software. The primary web site is This product is posted here as it may be of use to the WinWorldPC community.

FX!32 Windows

XF!32 is a compatiblity layer for Windows NT 4 for the DEC Alpha CPU that adds the ability to run Intel 32-bit binary software. 32-bit i386 executables are essentially disassembled and recompiled with Alpha machine code. The performance is not as good as a native Alpha compiled application, yet it runs at acceptable speeds.

Generic SVGA Driver (Windows 3.1) Windows

This disk contains a new high-speed 256 color display driver for Windows 3.1 which supports most non-accelerated Super VGA display types.

Gravis Ultrasound Drivers DOS Windows

Drivers for the Gravis Ultrasound sound card products.

HP DeskJet Drivers Windows

HP Windows 3.0 and 3.1 drivers for the HP DeskJet 500, 500C, 550 and PLUS printers.

HP FontSmart Windows

HP FontSmart is a font management tool which was originally introduced with the HP LaserJet 5P and 5MP printers. HP FontSmart allows you to manage all Windows bitmapped, TrueType, and ATM fonts, not just those included with FontSmart. Fonts are easily installed in Windows (allowing you to select a font in your application), uninstalled from Windows (the font is de-activated from Windows but kept on the system for future use), or deleted from your hard disk to reclaim valuable system resources. Typefaces can also be viewed, magnified, and font lists can be printed. A full installation of FontSmart will provide an additional 110 fonts for use by Windows.

IBM WorkPlace Shell Windows

The IBM Workplace shell is an alternate desktop shell for Microsoft Windows 3.1. It gives Windows the appearance and feel of the IBM OS/2 2.0 Workplace Shell.

IntelliPoint Windows

IntelliPoint is a set of mouse driver software for Microsoft's IntelliMouse series mice. This software is redistributable but posted here for convenience.

LANTastic DOS Windows OS2

Lantastic is an easy to use, low cost networking system targeted at small networks and home users. It was very popular and highly rated in the early 1990s. Unlike most LAN networking software of the time, Lantastic required only installation and minimal, straightforward, configuration. Lantastic gives users the ability to share printers and files on a hard drive or CD-ROM. It is considered a "peer-to-peer" network, as there is no need for a dedicated server. Any computer may be configured as a server as well as a client. Lantastic was also very memory efficient, using minimal DOS memory in both workstation and sever modes, enabling users to run most popular DOS applications while Lantastic was running. Lantastic supported Ethernet, ARCNET and Token Ring networks. Artisoft also sold networking kits that included both network adapters and the Lantastic software. Lantastic was avaialble for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. At the time it competed against Novell Netware Lite, and many other small LAN oriented products.

Logitech Mouseware DOS Windows

Logitech mice and pointing devices were popular competition to Microsoft or Microsoft clone mice. Logitech mice often had extra features that required Logitech drivers, and early Logitech mice were not Microsoft or Mouse Systems protocol compatible.

Long File Names Windows

"Long File Names for Windows", from VIEW Software, is a commercial program that modifies Windows 3.1's save-as and open dialog boxes to use long file names, which it stores in its own database. Later versions can also be used under Windows 95 to store long file names for 16-bit applications. It competed against Vertisoft Systems Name-It.

Microsoft Direct X Windows

Microsoft Direct X is a library addon/update for Microsoft Windows that adds or improves the ability to render high-speed 2D or 3D graphics, and use special input devices, mainly for games.

Microsoft Mouse DOS Windows OS2

These are drivers provided by Microsoft for the Microsoft BusPort, serial, and PS/2 mice. Introduced in 1983, The Microsoft Mouse is historically important as it was one of Microsoft's earliest hardware products (The other being an Apple II Z-80 CP/M card). The first Mouse for the IBM PC was actually from Mouse Systems, not Microsoft. However, most clone mice emulated Microsoft's serial protocol and DOS driver software interface. The first application designed to make full use of the mouse was Microsoft Word for DOS, and they hyped a product called "Microsoft Windows" (not released until several years later) that was to compete against the upcoming Apple Macintosh and the Mouse Systems based Viscorp Visi On.

Microsoft OS2 Presentation Manager For NT Windows

The OS/2 Presentation Manager for NT is an add-on that provides compatibility with 16-bit OS/2 1.x GUI applications.

Microsoft TCP/IP-32 Windows

Microsoft TCP/IP-32 version 3.11b is an update to Microsoft's TCP/IP-32, a 32-bit protected mode VxD TCP/IP network protocol stack for Windows for Workgroups version 3.11.

Microsoft TrueType Font Pack Windows

The Microsoft font pack was a commercial package of popular Truetype fonts for Microsoft Windows 3.1. Many of these fonts were included with later versions of Windows and Office.

Microsoft Windows Printing System Windows

The Microsoft Windows Printing System provides bi-directional communications and faster printing with HP Laserjet II and III printers. It includes a visually enhanced print manger and extra fonts.

Microsoft Windows Sound System Windows

The Microsoft Windows Sound System is a sound card, driver, and set of utilities designed by Microsoft with the intention of setting a hardware and software standard. Many OEMs created compatible hardware and this driver set also support a number of additional cards.

Newshell Windows

Newshell, or the "Shell Technology Preview Update", is a shell update for Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 that gives it the appearance and desktop from Windows 95. Newshell is a beta product, and only meant to demonstrate how the upcoming NT 4 would look.

Ontrack Drive Rocket DOS Windows

Drive Rocket is an IDE driver for DOS/Windows 3.1 that bypasses the BIOS and makes use of newer IDE features to accelerate hard disk transfer speeds.