Adobe Type Manager Windows MacOS

Adobe Type Manager was designed to provide scalable fonts on early Mac and Windows 3.0 systems that did not provide similar functionality natively. ATM is required by a number of graphics application originally designed to work in these environments. ATM is packaged as a "lite" installable runtime. Later releases offer a "Deluxe" version with extra font management abilities. Other OSes including NeXTSTEP, DESQview, and OS/2 come with ATM functionality built-in.

Apple Displays Software MacOS

These are drivers provided by Apple for Apple display monitors.

AppleShare IP MacOS

This gave TCP/IP support to AppleShare on MacOS.

Internet Connection Kit MacOS

Assisted MacOS users with connecting to the internet

Japanese Language Kit MacOS

Adds Japanese language support to MacOS

MacTest Pro MacOS

A set of Apple hardware testing utilties.