387sx Math CoProcessor Utilities DOS

Utilities and driver support for a 387sx Math CoProcessor

Adaptec EZ-SCSI DOS Windows

EZ-SCSI, from Adaptec, is a set of drivers for Adaptec SCSI cards.

Artisoft Ethernet Adapter Drivers DOS

Driver disk included with Artisoft AE-1/T, AE-2 And AE-3 Ethernet Adapters. Contains the Artisoft AI-LANBIOS driver.

AST Advanced Diagnostics DOS

AST Advanced Diagnostics, from AST Research, is a systems diagnostic tool designed primarily for use on AST computers.

AST SuperPak DOS

The AST SuperPak is a set of drivers intended for use with AST's SixPackPlus and RAMpage memory cards. It includes clock, ram disk, disk caching, and print spooler software.

AVGA3 GD542x Display drivers DOS Windows

Driver disks for the AVGA3, a Cirrus Logic based video card. Includes drivers for Windows 3.0

Backpack Drivers DOS Windows

This CD contains device drivers for all Micro Solutions Backpack hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and disk drives as of 2002. Backpack drives were mostly external parallel port connected, and very useful on systems that could not be expanded otherwise.

BULL Micral Prologue DOS

BULL Micral Prologue system for the Olympia People Computer.

Catamount Pertec 9-Track Tape Drivers DOS

Drivers fro for PCT-9 SERIES Including the ATC-8 and the ATC-16 interfaces.

Columbia Data Products 1600 VP Diagnostic DOS

This is a bootable diagnostics disk intended for use with the Columbia Data Products VP portable computer. The VP is a "luggable" portable computer based on their MPC 1600 that competed with the Compaq Portable, Eagle Spirit, and similar PC clone luggables.

Columbia Data Products 1600 VP Tutor DOS

The tutorial disk and manual that came with the Columbia Data Products 1600 VP portable computer.

Computer Eyes System Software DOS

This is the system/driver software for the Computer Eyes and Computer Eyes Professional video digitizer card.

Copy II PC Option Board Software DOS

This is the Transcopy utility software for use with the Copy II PC Option Board. The Copy II PC Option/Deluxe Option Board/"Transcopy" card is an ISA expansion card created and sold by Central Point Software that enables an IBM PC or compatible to duplicate most floppy disk copy protection methods.

Davong Hard Disk Controller Drivers DOS

This is the driver software used to configure and access a Davong internal hard disk controller for the IBM PC. This controller was significant as being one of the few hard disk systems accessible under DOS 1.x. system instead partitions the disk in to several smaller drives.

Diagnostics for the Texas Instruments Professional Computer DOS

This is the diagnostics test disk for testing the Texas Instruments Professional Computer. compatible computer that runs an adaptation of MS-DOS and CP/M-86.


Yes, there are USB drivers for DOS... Miracle-driver from Panasonic Japan does the unthinkable Before you start scratching your head, let me repeat that this is not related to your favorite linux distro's or Windows XP/W2K/98/ME's USB support, this has to do with people like me, booting some flavor of DOS to copy files around or using DOS-based partition back-up software.

Eagle 1630-40 Software Master DOS

This disk contains the default set of application files loaded on to an Eagle 1600 hard disk drive. (But not the system files). Initialization Diskette" that contains the Eagle Computer-specific MS-DOS 1.25 system files and hard disk formatting tools.

Eagle PC Test and Initialization DOS

This disk contains diagnostics and hard drive setup programs for the Eagle PC, Turbo, Spirit, and PC-Plus. This does NOT work with the Eagle 1600. It includes diagnostics tests for the Eagle CGA card, and their proprietary monochrome graphics card.

FlickerFree DOS

FlickerFree, from Steve Gibson, is a utility that greatly increases the speed at which an IBM PC or XT displays text on a CGA or Monochrome display adapter. It operates by overriding built-in BIOS routines with highly optimized screen writing code. It could vastly speed up many common applications at the time. It is notable as being an early commercial product from Steve Gibson of Gibson Research.

Gravis Ultrasound Drivers DOS Windows

Drivers for the Gravis Ultrasound sound card products.

Hercules Graphics Card Utilities DOS

This disk contains diagnostics, configuration tool, and IBM ROM BASIC enhancements for use with the Hercules Monochrome Graphics Card.

Hercules Graphics Plus Drivers and RAMFont DOS

Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Symphony, FrameWork , and Microsoft Word for DOS 3.0 drivers and utilities for the Hercules Graphics Plus video card. Also includes diagnostics, and HBASIC - an extension to IBM PC basic that enables graphics commands on the Hercules Monographics card.

IBM CGA Emulator for TI Professional Computer DOS

The Texas Instruments Professional Computer is an 8088 based machine that competed against the IBM PC, but is not IBM PC hardware compatible. Among its incompatibilities include a higher resolution graphics system that is not at all compatible with IBM MDA or CGA video cards. DOS programs that write directly to the screen will simply hang. software. Note that the TI Professional Computer must contain the full 768K of RAM for this tool to work.

IBM Emulator Plus for TI Professional Computer DOS

The Texas Instruments Professional Computer is an 8088 based machine that competed against the IBM PC, but is not IBM PC hardware compatible. the IBM PC.

IBM EZ-VU Runtime Facility DOS

EZ-VU Runtime Facility provides the runtime environment to support applications developed using the EZ-VU Development Facility. This product is to be used with products which call for it as a prerequisite. that acts as a "dialog manager" that provides controls and services for interactive programs in the PC environment.