FlickerFree DOS

FlickerFree, from Steve Gibson, is a utility that greatly increases the speed at which an IBM PC or XT displays text on a CGA or Monochrome display adapter. It operates by overriding built-in BIOS routines with highly optimized screen writing code. It could vastly speed up many common applications at the time. It is notable as being an early commercial product from Steve Gibson of Gibson Research.

FX!32 Windows

XF!32 is a compatiblity layer for Windows NT 4 for the DEC Alpha CPU that adds the ability to run Intel 32-bit binary software. 32-bit i386 executables are essentially disassembled and recompiled with Alpha machine code. The performance is not as good as a native Alpha compiled application, yet it runs at acceptable speeds.

Generic SVGA Driver (Windows 3.1) Windows

This disk contains a new high-speed 256 color display driver for Windows 3.1 which supports most non-accelerated Super VGA display types.

Gravis Ultrasound Drivers DOS Windows

Drivers for the Gravis Ultrasound sound card products.

Hercules Graphics Card Utilities DOS

This disk contains diagnostics, configuration tool, and IBM ROM BASIC enhancements for use with the Hercules Monochrome Graphics Card.

Hercules Graphics Plus Drivers and RAMFont DOS

Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Symphony, FrameWork , and Microsoft Word for DOS 3.0 drivers and utilities for the Hercules Graphics Plus video card. Also includes diagnostics, and HBASIC - an extension to IBM PC basic that enables graphics commands on the Hercules Monographics card.

HP DeskJet Drivers Windows

HP Windows 3.0 and 3.1 drivers for the HP DeskJet 500, 500C, 550 and PLUS printers.

HP FontSmart Windows

HP FontSmart is a font management tool which was originally introduced with the HP LaserJet 5P and 5MP printers. HP FontSmart allows you to manage all Windows bitmapped, TrueType, and ATM fonts, not just those included with FontSmart. Fonts are easily installed in Windows (allowing you to select a font in your application), uninstalled from Windows (the font is de-activated from Windows but kept on the system for future use), or deleted from your hard disk to reclaim valuable system resources. Typefaces can also be viewed, magnified, and font lists can be printed. A full installation of FontSmart will provide an additional 110 fonts for use by Windows.

IBM CGA Emulator for TI Professional Computer DOS

The Texas Instruments Professional Computer is an 8088 based machine that competed against the IBM PC, but is not IBM PC hardware compatible. Among its incompatibilities include a higher resolution graphics system that is not at all compatible with IBM MDA or CGA video cards. DOS programs that write directly to the screen will simply hang. software. Note that the TI Professional Computer must contain the full 768K of RAM for this tool to work.

IBM Emulator Plus for TI Professional Computer DOS

The Texas Instruments Professional Computer is an 8088 based machine that competed against the IBM PC, but is not IBM PC hardware compatible. the IBM PC.

IBM EZ-VU Runtime Facility DOS

EZ-VU Runtime Facility provides the runtime environment to support applications developed using the EZ-VU Development Facility. This product is to be used with products which call for it as a prerequisite. that acts as a "dialog manager" that provides controls and services for interactive programs in the PC environment.

IBM LAN Support Program DOS

The IBM LAN Support Program disk contains NetBIOS drivers for IBM Token Ring network cards for use with the IBM PC Local Area Network Program.

IBM PC AT Fixed Disk-Diskette Drive Adapter Test DOS

This is a test disk provided for diagnosing issues with the IBM AT floppy/hard disk controller card. IBM Part #6139404

IBM PC Diagnostics DOS

These are the diagnostic disks (and cassette) provided by IBM with their PC computers. They are used to verify the basic functionality of the hardware. These are only intended for use with genuine IBM computers.

IBM Personal System-2 Model 30 Starter DOS

This is a diagnostic and tutorial disk for the IBM PS/2 Model 30 computer.


This is IBM's TCP/IP network stack for use with IBM OS/2.

IBM WorkPlace Shell Windows

The IBM Workplace shell is an alternate desktop shell for Microsoft Windows 3.1. It gives Windows the appearance and feel of the IBM OS/2 2.0 Workplace Shell.

Intel OverDrive Utilities DOS

Utilities and drivers for Intel OverDrive processors.

IntelliPoint Windows

IntelliPoint is a set of mouse driver software for Microsoft's IntelliMouse series mice. This software is redistributable but posted here for convenience.

Internet Connection Kit MacOS

Assisted MacOS users with connecting to the internet

Japanese Language Kit MacOS

Adds Japanese language support to MacOS

Jformat DOS

This is the driver disk for the Tall Tree Systems JDiskette floppy drive controller board. density 720k 5.25" floppy drives in an IBM PC or PC/XT, and supports up to four internal floppy drives. The included driver enables PC-DOS 2.x to make use of these larger capacity drivers.

JRAM Drivers DOS

These are the drivers used with the Tall Tree Systems JRAM series Multi-I/O RAM expansion card. Includes diagnostics, ramdisk, spooler, and clock support files.

Kaypro 16 System Disks DOS

These are the system disks provided for the Kaypro 16 computer. This includes a Master disk set for floppy-only operation, and an autoload set that installs to a hard drive.

LAN Manager OS2

Microsoft LAN Manager is a networking system for OS/2 similar to their earlier MS-NET product. Licensed variants of this product include 3Com 3+Open, HP LAN Manager/X, IBM LAN Server, and Tapestry Torus.