Photo Run Windows

Photo Run is a utility specifically for opening and viewing photos taken by PhotoRun Digital Still Cameras.

Plus Hardcard DOS

These are the software tools and drivers needed to install and operate a Plus 20 Hardcard internal hard drive.

Powerchute Unix

Powerchute is a utility for use with American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) battery backup power supplies.

QuadMaster DOS

QuadMaster is a set of utilities for use with Quadram memory expansion cards. MasterCache, MasterSpool, and QuadRAM Drive. And QuadMaster II is menu-oriented, making it easy to use.

Quadram Quadcolor DOS

These are the manuals and installation program required to use the extended modes on a Quadram Quadcolor I and II board. Georgia, is a CGA compatible ISA video card for IBM PCs and clones that provides enhanced capabilities over that of IBM CGA.

Quadtools - Quadtel 386 RAM Utilities DOS

A collection of memory management tools for 386 computers. Includes expanded memory manager, RAM disk, spooler, and cache software.

Qualitas 386MAX DOS

Qualitas 386MAX is a memory manager that competed with Quarterdeck QEMM. It features ease use, with automated configuration and optimization. It claims to make more DOS memory available than other similar tools at the time.

Smart Label Printer Plus DOS

This is this software required to operate a Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer. This software will not install without a Smart Label Printer attached. at any time from within other DOS applications.

Sound Blaster 16 ASP Drivers DOS Windows

Drivers for the Sound Blaster 16 ASP series of cards.

Sound Blaster CD-ROM Drivers DOS

These are DOS drivers for the Creative Sound Blaster with CD-ROM support sound card.

Sound Blaster Drivers DOS Windows

The Sound Blaster is a series of sound cards from Create Labs. For a time, the Sound Blaster was considered a de-facto standard for DOS based gaming. Initially it competed against the uncommon IBM Music Feature card, and the Adlib cards. The original sound blaster provided 8-bit mono digital sound in addition to Adlib-compatible FM music synthesis and stereo CMS Game Blaster compatible square-wave music. Most DOS games work best with the earlier ISA cards. Later PCI cards use completely different hardware and only provide Sound Blaster compatiblity through software emulation.

SunPC Coprocessor Software Unix

This is the software required to operate a SunPC co-processor card under Solaris. The SunPC provides Sparc users with IBM PC compatibility and the ability to use MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, or Windows 95 within Solaris.

Tandy 2000 MS-Windows Pre-Installation DOS

This is a "pre-installation" disk distributed by Tandy that you run to add Tandy 2000 support to Microsoft Windows 1.x. Tandy part number #7002611.

Track Ball Drivers DOS

Generic mouse and track ball drivers for devices using the Microsoft or Mouse Systems protocols.

Trackball Drivers DOS Windows

Various drivers for trackball-based input devices.

Trumpet WINSOCK Windows

Trumpet WINSOCK, from Peter Tattam of Trumpet Software, was a shareware package that added dial-up TCP/IP connectivity with a Windows Sockets (Winsock 1.1) layer to Microsoft Windows 3.x. Earlier versions worked under Windows 3.0. This software was extremely popular on Windows 3.1. Microsoft eventually released their own TCP/IP dial-up software bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1, and with Windows 95. Windows for Workgroups 3.11 supported TCP/IP and Winsock, but only over a LAN.

Turner Hall Card Clock Driver DOS

This is a clock driver required to use the real-time clock on "The Turner Hall Card", a memory expansion/clock card for IBM PCs.

Vfeature Deluxe DOS

VFeature, by Golden Bow Systems, is a disk driver designed specifically for DOS 3.x (not compatible with later versions) that lets you have partitions up to 1GB, and can do other powerful things such as span hard drives.

ViaNet DOS

Vianet, from Western Digital, is a cross platform peer to peer networking system that offers simplicity and ease of use. It was relatively low cost, and supports multiple network cards. Western Digital included it with their StarLAN hardware products. Network-OS, Lantastic, PC/NOS, ELS Netware II, LANsmart, DNA Networks, TOPPS/DOS DataLAN, and POWERlan.

Video 7 VGA1024i Video drivers DOS Windows

Released in 1989 by Headland Technology, Inc, this contains video drivers and utilities for the Video 7 VGA 1024 for DOS, Windows 2.0, AutoCAD, GEM, and Word Perfect.

Video for Windows Windows

Video for Windows allowed Windows 3.x users to play back Windows Video (.avi) files.

VoiceView Talkshop Windows

VoiceView Talkshop is a utility for "VoiceView" compatible modems, that enables communicating voice and data over a phone line at the same time.

Win32s Windows

Win32s (Win32 subset) was an API layer for Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups that allowed some Win32 applications that compiled with the subset of Windows NT API functions supported through 32->16 bit thunks. Certain functions such as threading and OpenGL were not supported. As Windows 3.1 was cooperatively multi-tasked, so are Win32s applications on 3.1 and memory space is still shared.

Winchester Backup Utility For MS-DOS DOS

This is a generic command line backup program provided by Texas Instruments for TI Professional Computers equipped with hard drives.

Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack Windows

The Microsoft Windows 2000 High Encryption pack adds 128-bit encryption to Windows 2000 RTM. It was provided as a separate package from Windows 2000 RTM due to silly crypto export laws.