Turbo Basic Toobox DOS

Turbo Basic Toobox is a commercial set of sample editor-related source code for use with Borland Turbo Basic.

Turbo Pascal Toolbox DOS CPM

The Borland Turbo Pascal Toolbox consists of several sets of sample source code for different purposes. They are designed for use in conjunction with the Turbo Pascal Compiler product. The sets include Turbo Graphix Toobox, Turbo Database Toolbox, Turbo GameWorks Tooolbox (new in 1986 with TP 3), and Turbo Editor Toolbox (new in 1986 with TP 3). Also see the Turbo Pascal Tutor.

Turbo Pascal Tutor DOS

The Turbo Pascal Tutor is a set of sample programs and exercises that help you learn Borland Turbo Pascal. This is for use with Turbo Pascal. Also see the Borland Turbo Pascal Toolbox products.

Turbo Prolog DOS

Borland Turbo Prolog is an implementation of the Prolog language, a "natural" language used for "Artificial Intelligence" software development. Turbo Prolog is a Borland licensed version of PDC Prolog. It competed against Arity Prolog. Borland also produced a companion Turbo Pascal Toolbox product.

Turbo Prolog Toolbox DOS

The Turbo Prolog Toolbox is a set of tools and samples that you can use to help you build production application with Borland Turbo Prolog.

ViaGrafix - Programming in Visual Cpp Windows

ViaGrafix Programming in Visual C++ is a multimedia CD-ROM tutorial teaching how to use Microsoft Visual C++.

Visual C++ Windows

Visual C++ is a greatly enhanced and re-branded version of Microsoft C/C++. The Visual C++ line is primarily aimed at Windows development on 386 CPUs. 5.0 and later were bundled as a part of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual J++ Windows

This was a dialect of Java from Microsoft which ran on Windows and Microsoft's Java virtual machine.

Vitamin C DOS

Vitamin C, from Creative Programming Consultants, Inc., is a graphics and windowing library for DOS and DOS based C compilers.

Watcom C/C++ DOS Windows OS2

The Watcom C/C++ is a powerful compiler for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. Its key selling point was superior cross platform support. It supported DOS, extended DOS 32-bit, Win16, Win32, and OS/2. Notably, it was used to produce the video game DOOM as a 32-bit DOS extended program.

WebObjects Enterprise Objects Other

WebObjects is an Objective-C web application server from Apple, and a server-based web application framework. It features object-orientation, database connectivity, and prototyping tools.

Windows SDK & DDK Windows DOS

The Windows SDK and DDK gives you the libraries and headers needed to do software and driver development for Windows.

Wise InstallMaster Windows

Wise InstallMaster is a tool for creating Windows setup programs.

Xenix Software Development System Unix

The Xenix Development System is a set of compiler and code tools for the Xenix operating system.

ZBasic DOS

ZBasic, from Zedcor, Inc., is a cross platform Basic compiler. Versions exist for MS-DOS, Apple II, Macintosh, CP/M and TRS-80.

Zenith MS-DOS Programmer's Utility Pack DOS

The Zenith Programmer's Utility Pack for MS-DOS contains source code and compiler utilities needed for building an MS-DOS BIOS (IO.SYS file) for use with the Zenith Z-100 (not IBM hardware compatible), the Zenith Z-100 PC (IBM hardware compatible), and the Zenith Z-100 PC running in Z-100 compatibility mode. applicable hardware platforms, and the compiler utilities.