Vitamin C DOS

Vitamin C, from Creative Programming Consultants, Inc., is a graphics and windowing library for DOS and DOS based C compilers.

Watcom C/C++ DOS Windows OS2

The Watcom C/C++ is a powerful compiler for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. Its key selling point was superior cross platform support. It supported DOS, extended DOS 32-bit, Win16, Win32, and OS/2. Notably, it was used to produce the video game DOOM as a 32-bit DOS extended program.

WebObjects Enterprise Objects Other

WebObjects is an Objective-C web application server from Apple, and a server-based web application framework. It features object-orientation, database connectivity, and prototyping tools.

Windows SDK & DDK DOS Windows

The Windows SDK and DDK gives you the libraries and headers needed to do software and driver development for Windows.

Wise InstallMaster Windows

Wise InstallMaster is a tool for creating Windows setup programs.

WordTech dBIII Compiler DOS

The WordTech dBIII Compiler, later renamed to "Quicksilver", is a dBase III Plus application compiler that produces high-speed ready to run standalone executables. It boasts assembler level speeds often faster than competing compilers. Plus clone. Both of these add a number of features such as Windowing, user defined functions, EMS memory support, graphing, and networking capability.

Xenix Software Development System Unix

The Xenix Development System is a set of compiler and code tools for the Xenix operating system.

ZBasic DOS

ZBasic, from Zedcor, Inc., is a cross platform Basic compiler. Versions exist for MS-DOS, Apple II, Macintosh, CP/M and TRS-80.

Zenith MS-DOS Programmer's Utility Pack DOS

The Zenith Programmer's Utility Pack for MS-DOS contains source code and compiler utilities needed for building an MS-DOS BIOS (IO.SYS file) for use with the Zenith Z-100 (not IBM hardware compatible), the Zenith Z-100 PC (IBM hardware compatible), and the Zenith Z-100 PC running in Z-100 compatibility mode. applicable hardware platforms, and the compiler utilities.

Zortech C++ DOS

The Zortech C++ Compiler was a high performance compiler for MS-DOS, OS/2, and Windows that implemented the AT&T C++ 2.0 specifications. It competed strongly against Microsoft C and Watcom C. It later became the Symantec C++ compiler. It was also the first commercial compiler that natively supported Microsoft Windows.