Digital Research CBASIC is a BASIC implementation that "compiles" basic code in to interpreted byte code that is run using a royalty-free runtime. BASIC source code is not needed to run a program. CBASIC was a popular programming language under CP/M. There were also versions for MS-DOS. MBASIC's rounding errors that were sometimes troublesome for accounting. machine code. Later versions also included support for GSX graphics extensions.

Digital Research C DOS CPM

Digital Research C is a compiler developed for use with Digital Research's CP/M systems. It was also ported to DOS.

Digital Research PL/I Compiler DOS CPM

PL/I is a programming language oriented towards scientific and business programming. Digital Research provided implementations for their CP/M operating system as well as MS-DOS.

Microsoft BASIC DOS CPM MacOS OS2 Unix

Although Microsoft did not invent BASIC, their founding product was a BASIC interpreter for the Altair computer. The descendants below includes Microsoft's BASIC-80 (MBASIC), BASIC-86 (pre-GWBasic), BASIC for Mac, BASIC Compiler 86/88, Basic Compiler for Mac, and Professional Development System 7.x. IBM Personal Computer Basic Compiler, GW-BASIC, QuickBasic, and Visual Basic are listed separately.

Microsoft COBOL DOS Windows CPM

Cobol is a high level language designed for use in business that uses English-like commands. Microsoft got its early start by producing language products such as this one. Their other early language products included Microsoft Fortran, Microsoft Pascal, Microsoft Basic, and Macro Assembler. This product was also licensed to IBM as IBM Cobol Compiler.


This is Microsoft's implementation of the FORTRAN scientific-oriented high level programming language. It was one of their early core languages developed for the 8-bit computers and later brought to the 8086 and IBM PC. For the IBM OEM version, see the IBM Fortran Compiler. In 1993 Microsoft rebranded the product as Microsoft Fortran Powerstation. (Note: -80 refers to the 8080/Z80 platform, not the language specification version)

Pascal/MT+ DOS CPM

Pascal/MT+ is an ISO 7185 compatible Pascal compiler sold by Digital Research as part of their CP/M product line. There were versions for CP/M-80, CP/M-68k, CP/M-86, and MS-DOS.

Turbo Pascal Toolbox DOS CPM

The Borland Turbo Pascal Toolbox consists of several sets of sample source code for different purposes. They are designed for use in conjunction with the Turbo Pascal Compiler product. The sets include Turbo Graphix Toobox, Turbo Database Toolbox, Turbo GameWorks Tooolbox (new in 1986 with TP 3), and Turbo Editor Toolbox (new in 1986 with TP 3). Also see the Turbo Pascal Tutor.