WordPerfect 3.x (Mac)

During the late 1980's, WordPerfect was THE standard word processor for DOS based PCs in big business. Under DOS, it competed mostly against Wordstar. WordPerfect for Windows enjoyed some success in the early Windows environments, but was quickly displaced by Microsoft Word for Windows. Later Windows versions were part of Borland Office/Novell PerfectOffice/Corel Office/Corel WordPerfect Office.


Release notes

3.0a has most of the functionality of WP 3.5, but works on older or smaller systems.

Corel took over the ownership of WordPerfect shortly after the 3.5 Novell release.

The final version, released by Corel as a free download, was version "3.5 Enhanced".

Product type
Application Word Processor
Release date
Minimum CPU
M68k or PPC
User interface
Download count
78 (3 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Corel WordPerfect 3.5.1 for Macintosh (1996) (ISO) 3.5.1 for Macintosh English 108.51MB 0
Corel WordPerfect 3.5.3 for Macintosh (1997) (ISO) 3.5.3 for Macintosh English 134.61MB 0
Corel WordPerfect 3.5e for Macintosh (1997) (SIT) 3.5e for Macintosh English 28.23MB 0
Novell WordPerfect 3.1 for Macintosh (1994) [British Australian] (3.5-1.44mb) 3.1 for Macintosh English 8.27MB 1
Novell WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh (1995) (3.5-1.44mb) 3.5 for Macintosh English 15.78MB 1
WordPerfect 3.0a for Macintosh (1994) (3.5-1.44mb) 3.0a for Macintosh English 12.37MB 1


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