Virtual PC 1.x (Mac)

Virtual PC started off originally as an x86 emulator for PowerPC Macintosh to run MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. Connectix, the company that made it, was purchased by Microsoft. Virtual PC was then retooled into a virtualization tool for x86 systems. Microsoft discontinued Virtual PC in favor of a server-oriented virtualization product called Hyper-V.

On the desktop, Virtual PC competed with VMWare and featured better compatibility with a wider array of guest operating system.

Release notes

Virtual PC 1.0 emulates a PC with an Intel Pentium CPU (including protected mode , MMU , FPU and MMX) motherboard with Intel Triton chipset, two IDE channels, an ATAPI CD-ROM drive, S3 928 PCI SVGA graphics card with 1 or 2 MB VRAM, PCI Ethernet expansion card with DEC 21041 chip, Sound Blaster Pro, PC keyboard, and PS/2 mouse.

Installation instructions

Virtual PC 1.0 requires Mac OS 7.5.5 and a PowerPC processor. It was sold with either a pre-configured (pre-installed) Windows 3.11 (MS-DOS) or with Windows 95 and later also with PC-DOS. In addition Virtual PC 1.0 officially supported Windows NT, OS/2 and OPENSTEP as guest operating systems.

Product type
Application Virtualization
Release date
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
41 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Connectix Virtual PC 1.01 (Windows 95 Edition) (1997) (ISO) 1.01 English 99.75MB 1
Connectix Virtual PC 1.0fc2 (Windows 95 Edition) 1.0fc2 English 90.2MB 0


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