PFS:Graph 01.00.00 (Tandy 2000)

PFS:Graph, from Software Publishing Corporation, is an easy to use graphing application for early IBM PC compatibles, Apple IIs, Apple IIIs, and Macintosh. Later it evolved in to PFS:First Graphics, and IBM rebranded a version as IBM Graphing Assistant.

Other members of the PFS family include: PFS:Write, PFS:File, PFS:Report, and PFS:Plan.

Release notes

This release is only for the Tandy 2000 computer. It will not run on IBM PCs, IBM PC compatibles, IBM PC emulators, virtualizers, or Tandy 1000 series. The Tandy 2000 is an 80186 based computer that was not IBM PC hardware compatible, but ran an adaptation of MS-DOS.

The version number is confusing because Tandy insisted on their own numbering. Not sure which A/B/C version this is based on.

Product type
Application Presentations Graphics
Software Publishing Corporation
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User interface
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1 (0 for release)


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PFS Graph 01.00.00 [Tandy 2000] (5.25-DSQD) 01.00.00 [Tandy 2000] English 4.27MB 0


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