PFS:Graph A:xx

PFS:Graph, from Software Publishing Corporation, is an easy to use graphing application for early IBM PC compatibles, Apple IIs, Apple IIIs, and Macintosh. Later it evolved in to PFS:First Graphics, and IBM rebranded a version as IBM Graphing Assistant.

Other members of the PFS family include: PFS:Write, PFS:File, PFS:Report, and PFS:Plan.


Release notes

The GRAPH program makes it easy to produce attractive graphs as a standard part of your business or personal repertoire. With GRAPH, you can organize your data into one of three types of graph bar, line, or pie. GRAPH can accept data directly from the keyboard or it can retrieve data from VisiCalc or PFS files.

The non-OEM version from SPC use a version number in the form:A:01, A:02, B:01. There appear to have been releases up to C:01 before the product was changed to First Graphics.

This version of PFS:Graph Supports the IBM PC and XT with CGA graphics, Compaq Computer, Panasonic Sr. Partner, Corona PC, Columbia Data Products MPC, and Eagle PC.

Installation instructions

Important: These disks contain copy protection. You must use the appropriate tool to write the images to a real disk, or use an emulator that supports one of the copy protected disk image formats.

For your convenience, an unprotect has been applied to the raw disk image and extracted file set.

Designed for use with PC-DOS 1.0 or higher.

Product type
Application Presentations Graphics
Software Publishing Corp
Release date
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
1 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
PFS Graph A00 for HP 150 (3.5-SSDD) A00 for HP 150 English 1.84MB 0
PFS Graph A02 (1983) (5.25-160k) (Kryoflux) (SCP) (TC) (alt) A02 English 22.6MB 0
PFS Graph A02 (5.25) A02 English 1.45MB 1
PFS Graph A02 (Kryoflux) A02 English 25.94MB 0
PFS Graph A02 (SCP) A02 English 5.87MB 0
PFS Graph A02 Manuals A02 English 35.48MB 0


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