Multiplan 1.x

Microsoft Multiplan was an early 8-bit spreadsheet application for CP/M and MS-DOS with ports to numerous other platforms in the early 80s. Initially it competed against VisiCalc and later Lotus 1-2-3. A companion product, Microsoft Chart, provided graphing support. Multiplan was never ported to Windows, where it was replaced with Microsoft Excel. Excel also replaced Multiplan on the Macintosh platform.


Release notes

Multiplan 1.x offered a relatively friendly menu driven interface, but had a very limited maximum spreadsheet size.

The MS-DOS version (at least 1.06) supports IBM PC, Zenith Z-100, TI Professional Computer, and Compaq.

Multiplan was ported to CP/M, Apple II, Macintosh, Xenix, Commodore 64, CTOS, TI-99/4A, and the TRS-80.

Wanted: some of those other ports, and manual scans. Version 1.00. Microsoft Multiplan 1.1 for DEC Rainbow.

Product type
Application Spreadsheet
Release date
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
9 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Multiplan 1.00 for DOS (IBM OEM) (1982) (5.25-160k) (SCP) 1.00 for DOS English 13.91MB 1
Microsoft Multiplan 1.02 for DOS [Zenith Z-100] (5.25-160K) 1.02 for DOS [Zenith Z-100] English 112.6KB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.05 for DOS (Compaq OEM) (1983) (5.25-160k) 1.05 for DOS (Compaq OEM) English 19.86MB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.06 for DOS (5.25-160k) 1.06 for DOS English 593.06KB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.06 for DOS (Hyperion OEM) (1983) (5.25-320k) 1.06 for DOS (Hyperion OEM) English 432.64KB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.10 for DOS (1983) (IBM OEM) (5.25-160k) (SCP) 1.10 (IBM OEM) English 18.45MB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.10 for DOS (1983) [DEC Rainbow] (5.25-SSQD) 1.10 for DOS English 14.56MB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.10 for DOS (IBM OEM) (5.25-160k) (ALT) 1.10 for DOS (IBM OEM) English 105.5KB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.10 for DOS [NEC APC] (8-inch) 1.10 for DOS [NEC APC] English 10.47MB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.10 for DOS [Tandy 2000] (5.25-DSQD) 1.10 for DOS [Tandy 2000] English 11.64MB 0
Microsoft Multiplan 1.20 for DOS [French] (5.25) 1.20 for DOS French 112.47KB 0
Microsoft Multiplan Manual [CPM 1982] [CPM 1982] English 10.07MB 0
Microsoft Multiplan Manual [MS-DOS 1983] [MS-DOS 1983] English 9.85MB 0


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