Easy Writer II

Easy Writer was one of the first word processors for the IBM PC. It was originally written by John Draper AKA "Captain Crunch", with the PC version published by IBM. EasyWriter 1.x was written in the FORTH programming language and, as the story goes, it was ported to the IBM PC in a matter of days. There was also an Apple II version.

EasyWriter is one of a suite of business applications produced by Information Unlimited Software, Inc. Others include: EasyPlanner, EasySpeller, EasyFiler, IUS General Ledger, IUS Accounts Receivable, IUS and Accounts Payable.


Release notes

EasyWriter II was a significantly new product, compared to EasyWriter 1.x. It was designed to take full advantage of the IBM PC hardware. This version includes a spell checker and mail-merge.

Note: The TI version is specifically for the Texas Instruments Professional Computer, an x86 based non-IBM PC compatible MS-DOS machine.

The 1982 version below contains both the "64k" version and "96k" version and speller. The 1983 version below contains only the "96k" version but contains the mailer.

Product type
Application Word Processor
Basic Software Group Inc
Release date
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
3 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
EasyWriter II (1982) (5.25-160k) II English 44.03MB 0
EasyWriter II (1983) (5.25-160k) II English 28.31MB 1
EasyWriter II Manual (1983) II English 124.51MB 0
EasyWriter II [TI Professional Computer r2.0] (1983) (5.25-320k) II [TI Professional Computer r2.0] English 1.46MB 0


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