Easy Writer 1.0

Easy Writer was one of the first word processors for the IBM PC. It was originally written by John Draper AKA "Captain Crunch", with the PC version published by IBM. EasyWriter 1.x was written in the FORTH programming language and, as the story goes, it was ported to the IBM PC in a matter of days. There was also an Apple II version.

EasyWriter is one of a suite of business applications produced by Information Unlimited Software, Inc. Others include: EasyPlanner, EasySpeller, EasyFiler, IUS General Ledger, IUS Accounts Receivable, IUS and Accounts Payable.


Release notes

Despite its name, 1.0 was not very easy and was buggy. EasyWriter 1.0 does not store documents as DOS files, but rather it stores all documents in a data file named "Forthscr.een" that it generates on data disks.

This disk is intended to be used as a "booter". You place the disk in your A: drive and turn on your computer. After the program loads, you must switch to your data disk.

You can also launch EasyWriter 1.0 from DOS, by running its program loader named "command.com" on the floppy disk. (Since you are working with a copy, you may rename it to something else). The actual program data files are hidden.

This archive includes one 160K (8-sector) disk image in multiple image formats. This version is copy protected.

Wanted: Manual scan

Product type
Application Word Processor
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3 (0 for release)


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Easy Writer 1.00 (1981) (5.25-160k) 1.00 English 1.14MB 0


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