Easy Writer 1.1

Easy Writer was one of the first word processors for the IBM PC. It was originally written by John Draper AKA "Captain Crunch", with the PC version published by IBM. EasyWriter 1.x was written in the FORTH programming language and, as the story goes, it was ported to the IBM PC in a matter of days. There was also an Apple II version.

EasyWriter is one of a suite of business applications produced by Information Unlimited Software, Inc. Others include: EasyPlanner, EasySpeller, EasyFiler, IUS General Ledger, IUS Accounts Receivable, IUS and Accounts Payable.


Release notes

Version 1.1 fixed many of the shortcomings of 1.0. Most notably, it does away with the need for specially formatted disks, permitting you to load/save normal DOS files.

Installation instructions

This software contains copy protection. To save you time, the unprotect has already been applied to the extracted files, and the raw IMG file. The Transcopy, SuperCard Pro, Kryoflux, Copy II PC, ImageDisk, and Teledisk images will write a functional disk with the protection intact.

Unprotect: In the file Ibm88vmi.com, change 2B C0 CD 13 F9 to 2B C0 CD 13 F8

Product type
Application Word Processor
Release date
Mon Jun 07 1982
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
7 (3 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Easy Writer 1.1 (Kryoflux) 1.1 English 7.74MB 0
Easy Writer 1.1 (SCP) 1.1 English 2.02MB 1
Easy Writer 1.1 Manual PDF 1.1 English 34.15MB 2
Easy Writer 1.10 (1982) (5.25-160k) 1.1 English 1.07MB 0


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