PageMaker 3.01

Aldus PageMaker, later Adobe PageMaker, is a desktop publishing program for Mac and Windows. First released in 1985, PageMaker was the first desktop publishing program for the Macintosh. It was followed over a year later with the release of 1.0 for the IBM PC. The PC version was a notable application as it was one of the few rare applications which would run under Windows 1.x. PC PageMaker 1.0 bundled a runtime version of Windows. This enabled MS-DOS users who had not decided to buy Windows to run PageMaker. Aldus skipped version 2.0 on the PC to bring version number in sync with the 3.0 Mac product.

After 7 versions and a sell-out to Adobe, PageMaker met its end at version 7.0 which would not have native support for Mac OS X and does not run properly on Windows Vista or beyond. It was replaced by a new product, Adobe InDesign.


Release notes

Pagemaker 3.0 for Windows is a Windows 2 application, and even bundles the Windows 2 runtime. The Pagemaker 3.01 update is still a Windows 2 binary, but was only supported under Windows 3.0.

PageMaker 3.01 for OS/2 is designed for Microsoft OS/2 version 1.21 or IBM OS/2 version 1.3 and will work on later versions. There also exists a PageMaker 3.00 for OS/2, however that version will not run on any later OS/2 releases.

Product type
Application Publishing
Release date
User interface
Windows OS2
Download count
44 (2 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Aldus PageMaker 3.01 for Macintosh (1988) (3.5-800k) 3.01 for Macintosh English 11.83MB 0
Aldus PageMaker 3.01 for Macintosh Manuals (Dec 1987) 3.01 for Macintosh English 161.18MB 0
Aldus PageMaker 3.01 for OS2 (3.5) 3.01 for OS/2 English 2.65MB 2
Aldus PageMaker 3.01 for OS2 (5.25) 3.01 for OS/2 English 2.65MB 0
Aldus Pagemaker 3.01 [Danish] (3.5) 3.01 for Windows Danish 1.98MB 0


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