Xerox Globalview 2.3 for Windows

Xerox Globalview is a desktop environment and office suite originally developed for the Xerox Star. It was developed in the MESA programming language on the Xerox Star, and ported to Sun Solaris, OS/2, and Windows 3.1 (The OS/2 version requires a MESA emulator card).

The SunOS version also contains Xerox Rooms for X. There is a separate version of Xerox Rooms for Windows.

Wanted: Original media for Xerox Star and OS/2 as well as documentation.

Release notes

This is FXIS (Fuji Xerox Information Services, basically PARC but in Japan)'s version of the Xerox GlobalView software. Previously, the latest version of GlobalView that was surfaced to public and known to exist was 2.1, and the latest version known to be mentioned in's Internet Archive page was 2.2. however, this is 2.3. I am unsure if an English version of 2.3 ever existed, but this is here, and it seems legit. Interestingly, this version does not utilize VXD's, and it even officially supports running under Windows NT / XP! However, it is in Japanese, so it's hard to understand properly (unless, well, you know Japanese).

To install, run SETUP.EXE in the MEDIA folder with Windows 9x, NTVDM on Windows XP, or even OTVDM / WINEVDM on Windows x64, even with Windows 10! (Yep, it does work with OTVDM on Windows 10. Just make sure that OTVDM is installed and set as the default VDM, since the program needs to launch subprocesses, and it won't work without it installed). Note that if you don't install Eastern Language support, set the non-Unicode application language to Japanese and restart on XP, all the text will look corrupted as this software was built against Shift-JIS, not Unicode. Choose DOS/V as the installation target (NOT PC/98!), and enter any name and company. For the serial key, enter (without quotes): "710000". If at any point the installer confuses you, just pull out Google Translate's camera, and it should provide you with the shittiest instant translations in the world. And also, make sure you de-select IME and CUSP when the installer comes up with a prompt of tickboxes. IME is only for Japanese Windows, and CUSP breaks the installer as a file is missing.

Enjoy this previously never seen piece of oddware in its full Japanese glory, as the English counter-part is yet to be found!

Product type
Application Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Communications Database
Fuji Xerox Information Services
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