Xerox Globalview 1.00 for X / SunOS

Xerox Globalview is a desktop environment and office suite originally developed for the Xerox Star. It was developed in the MESA programming language on the Xerox Star, and ported to Sun Solaris, OS/2, and Windows 3.1 (The OS/2 version requires a MESA emulator card).

The SunOS version also contains Xerox Rooms for X. There is a separate version of Xerox Rooms for Windows.

Wanted: Original media for Xerox Star and OS/2 as well as documentation.


Release notes

This version requires Sparc Solaris 1.0.1 (SunOS 4.1.2). This archive contains the CD ISO image.

Product type
Application Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Communications Database
Release date
Mon Dec 28 1992
Minimum CPU
Sun Sparc
User interface
Download count
0 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Xerox Globalview for X 1.00 1.00 for X / SunOS English 45.86MB 0


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