Windows Whistler Final

Windows Whistler was the pre-release codename for Windows XP, or NT 5.1. It is the successor to Windows 2000. XP was the first that did not compete against a DOS based version of Windows, effectively finally unifying the Windows line in to a single pure 32-bit product. Below are various Beta releases. Winworld does not host the final RTM versions.

Please be aware that there is risk of acquiring malware if you connect these to the internet or browse with the old versions of IE.

If a serial is not included or incorrect then refer to the New Serials Compilation Thread

Release notes

Microsoft has asserted their copyright status regarding Windows XP. WinWorld respects this and therefore will not host Windows XP.

WinWorld does not want to risk any additional trouble. Windows XP is not rare or in danger of disappearing, and therefore has no real place on WinWorld anyway.

Anyone who can not comprehend this and requests Windows XP or later will be immediately banned.

If you are truly in need of Windows XP, we recommend this fine web site:

Product type
Release date
End of life date
Minimum CPU
233mhz Pentium
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
100 (0 for release)


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