Toast 3.x

Toast was a popular CD mastering and burning application for classic Apple Macintosh. It was created by Astarte, who sold it to Adaptec, and later Roxio. Adaptec sold a different program for IBM PC compatibles named CD Creator

This version does support images in HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) format, but only in conjunction with OS 8.1 or later. Mounting such an image in earlier OSes will result in a seemingly empty image being displayed.

Installation instructions

Architecture: 68k PPC Minimum requirements: '030 processor, Mac OS 7.0, 2MB free RAM Recommended: '040 or PPC, Mac OS 7.5.1 or later. Supports OS 8.1 and HFS+ format.

Product type
Application Utility
Release date
Minimum CPU
m68k, PPC
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Adaptec Toast 3.5 for Mac (ISO) 3.5 for Mac English m68k,ppc Archive 11.42MB
Adaptec Toast 3.5 for Mac Manual 3.5 for Mac English m68k,ppc Archive 1.25MB
Adaptec Toast 3.5.7 Update for Mac (SIT) 3.5.7 Update for Mac English m68k,ppc Archive 1.08MB


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