The Print Shop Deluxe 1.x (Mac)

The Print Shop is a home oriented publisher capable of creating calendars, banners, greeting cards and other printable goods. It started off on the Apple II and Commodore 64 where it became popular for its simplicity and ease of use. From day one, it featured interactive editing, on-screen artwork/layout selection, print previewing, and a library of customizable clipart.

The Print Shop was often sold alongside The Print Shop Companion.

It competed with many other similar programs such as Print Magic, Instant Artist, Print Master, and Microsoft Great Greetings.

Wanted: Print Shop for Macintosh


Release notes

The Print Shop Deluxe is yet another revamp of the Print Shop program, that brings more functionality, including a calendar creator, and an improved user interface.

The CD Ensemble release includes The Print Shop Companion and extra graphics.

Deluxe used a new all-graphical interface and allowed for creation of calendars. Print Shop Deluxe Companion added new modules and graphics, and the Ensemble version combined The Print Shop, the Companion, and several graphics libraries on one CD.

System requirements: Macintosh with 68020 processor or higher or PowerPC including: SE/30, Classic II, Color Classic, LC, II Series, Performa, Quadra, Centris & PowerBook 140 or higher. Requires Mac OS 7.0 or newer version, 4 MB RAM, up to 14 MB hard disk space, depending on installation type.

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The Print Shop Deluxe 1.1.1 CD Ensemble for Macintosh (1994) (ISO) Deluxe 1.1.1 CD Ensemble for Mac English 9.42MB 0


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