SuperCalc 3 v1.00

SuperCalc was a spreadsheet application published by Sorcim in 1980, and originally bundled (along with WordStar) as part of the CP/M software package included with the Osborne 1 portable computer. It quickly became the de facto standard spreadsheet for CP/M and was ported to MS-DOS in 1982. It competed against spreadsheets such as VisiCalc, Multiplan. and Lotus 1-2-3.


Release notes

SuperCalc 3 is the new spreadsheet from Sorcim with integrated graphics. It is the ideal spreadsheet for professionals whose responsibilities include complex financial and numerical analysis. SuperCalc 3 helps solve modeling and forecasting problems, then produces presentation-quality graphics that help you make better decisions faster.

SuperCalc 3 graphics are the high-resolution integrated graphics you want. You can create line, bar and stacked bar graphs. Pie and exploded pie charts. Even X-Y, Hi-Lo and area graphs. Using your choice of eight font types and up to 99 colors, you can print as many as four charts on the same page.

Hundreds of thousands of manager, accountants, and planners use SuperCalc programs every day. They know how easy they are to learn and work with. SuperCalc 3 is just as easy, with the same single-keystroke commands. Plus, it has new financial functions such as internal rate of return, payments, and future and present values make SuperCalc 3 work even better for you.

It's available now for IBM PC's and compatible machines. Pick up the phone and pick up a bargain!

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Application Spreadsheet Graphics
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
SuperCalc 3 v1.00 Demo [TI Professional Computer] (5.25-320k) 3 v1.00 Demo [TI Professional Computer] English 460.99KB 0
SuperCalc 3 v1.00 IBM PC 3 v1.00 English 142.67KB 0
SuperCalc 3 v1.00 [Tandy 2000 (r01.00.00)] (5.25-DSQD) 3 v1.00 [Tandy 2000 (r01.00.00)] English 69.79MB 0
Supercalc 3 for PCJr (1984) (5.25-360k) 3 for PCJr English 1.27MB 0


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