PC Paint 3.x

PC Paint, from Mouse Systems Corporation, is a Macintosh MacPaint-like paint program for the PC. It was often bundled with Mouse Systems mice. Despite the similar sounding name and appearance, it is NOT related to Microsoft/ZSoft PC Paintbrush.

Mouse Systems Mice and PC Paint came to market prior to Microsoft, and were direct competition. When PC Paint was released, Microsoft did not yet have a similar paint program to bundle with their mice, so they obtained ZSoft PC Paintbrush as their own Mac Paint clone.


Release notes

PC Paint 3.1 is a state-of-the-art paint program that lets you use a mouse to create professional-quality graphic images on your computer screen. It is significantly improved over previous versions of PC Paint and PC Paint Plus. It contains the following major features:

Works with modern video adapters CGA, EGA, Hercules, VGA, AT&T 6300 Uses 800x600 mode on Cirrus, Paradise, Tseng Labs chipsets 36 types of flood and fill with dither, edge seek, color spread Fills area larger than screen with text (floating text regions) Allows adjustment of font, size, alignment, spacing, wrapping Provides marquee for editing before fixing image on the screen Reads and writes files in PIC, BSAVE, GIF, and PCX formats Writes files in IMG (GEM/Ventura) format Makes best use of DOS memory to hold images

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Application Graphics
Mouse Systems
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