PC Paint 1.00A

PC Paint, from Mouse Systems Corporation, is a Macintosh MacPaint-like paint program for the PC. It was often bundled with Mouse Systems mice. Despite the similar sounding name and appearance, it is NOT related to Microsoft/ZSoft PC Paintbrush.

Mouse Systems Mice and PC Paint came to market prior to Microsoft, and were direct competition. When PC Paint was released, Microsoft did not yet have a similar paint program to bundle with their mice, so they obtained ZSoft PC Paintbrush as their own Mac Paint clone.


Installation instructions

Note that this PCPaint executable is hard coded to only run with a Mouse Systems mouse driver. To eliminate this version check, use an emulator that emulates Mouse Systems or make the following changes to PCPAINT.EXE:

Change: 0B C0 74 02 EB 0B 8D 7E 19 To: 0B C0 90 90 EB 0B 8D 7E 19

For best results, use this program with a video card or emulator that supports CGA pallets.

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Application Graphics
Mouse Systems Corporation
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PC Paint 1.00A (5.25) 1.00A English 124KB 0


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