Norton Utilities 3.x for Mac

The Norton Utilities is a suite of disk and system utilities designed to enhance system performance and stability. It started off as a set of disk utilities written by Peter Norton, and later was sold by Symantec. It competed against Central Point PC Tools and the Mace Utilities. In 2003, Norton Utilities was merged with Norton SystemWorks, but later split back out.

Wanted: Norton Utilities 1.x (DOS)


Release notes

3.5.3 is the last version to support 68K based Macintosh.

Includes Norton Crashguard, Speed Disk, Norton Disk Doctor, Disk Editor, FileSaver, UnErase, Volume Recover, Wipe Info, System Info, DiskLight, FastFind.

Norton CrashGuard replaced Norton Fastback and Floppier.

  • Version 3.5.1 released in July 1997, support Mac OS 8

  • Version 3.5.2 released in November 1997, improves support of HFS+ file system.

  • Version 3.5.3 released in January 1998, identical to 3.5.2, only the version of the OS on the CD; this is the latest version which support Macintosh 68K computers

Installation instructions

Requires a Mac Plus, 4mb RAM, and Mac OS 7.0 or greater.

This archive contains four 1.44mb floppy disk images in raw sector format.

Product type
Application Utility
Release date
Minimum CPU
m68k, PPC
Minimum RAM
User interface
Download count
53 (6 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Norton Utilities 3.1.3 for Mac (3.5-1.44mb) 3.1.3 for Macintosh English 3.23MB 4
Norton Utilities 3.2.1 for Mac (3.5-1.44mb) 3.2.1 for Macintosh English 3.34MB 1
Norton Utilities 3.5 for Macintosh (1997) (ISO) 3.5 for Macintosh English 24.59MB 1
Norton Utilities 3.5.3 for Mac (3.5-1.44mb) 3.5.3 for Macintosh English 2.52MB 0


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