NewWave A.01.00

HP NewWave is an alternate shell for Microsoft Windows that gives it an icon-object desktop. It attempts to hide the file system from the user, instead presenting them with "objects" that may have many more properties and longer descriptions. It supports a feature called "Hot connects" that automatically updates data across different files.

Third party software had to be adapted to integrate with this system. HP did get a number of vendors to provide support. It includes only one built-in application, NewWave Write.

Wanted 1.00 released 1988 (non-"A" version), NewWave Developers Kit released 1987.


Release notes

Note: HP uses a screwy version numbering scheme. A.01.00 is not the first commercial release, which was released in 1988. The "A" indicates it is an updated version. Wikipedia calls this version "2.0". There was also a NewWave Developers Kit released in 1987.

Important: This version explicitly requires Windows 2.11/286. It will not work with Windows 2.11/386. It also requires LIM 4.0 compatible EMS memory for full operation, however the program will install and start without that.

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Application Other
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HP NewWave A.01.00 (D1794A) (1989) (5.25-1.2mb) A.01.00 English 16.83MB 0
HP NewWave A.01.00 (D1794A) Installation Guide (Aug 1989) A.01.00 English 39.91MB 0


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