Microsoft Money Sunset

Microsoft Money is a home oriented financial management tool. It was designed specifically for Microsoft Windows, and was touted as being easier to use. At its release it competed against products such as Quicken. Microsoft Money was discontinued in 2009.

Release notes

On June 17, 2010, Microsoft announced the release of Money Plus Sunset, a downloadable version of Money Plus Deluxe and Money Plus Home & Business. Money Plus Sunset does not require online activation or the installation of any previous version of Money on the user's computer, and it should not be installed over the original 2008 version, if online services are still required.

Money Plus Sunset comes with most of the functionality that was available in the retail versions of Money Plus. The features missing are:

Money Plus Sunset cannot import data files from non-US editions of Money, Money Plus Sunset is missing all the online services features from earlier versions of Money, e.g.: automatic statement downloads initiated by Money (though users may import downloadable OFX and QIF statements from one's financial institution into the user's Money file), online bill payments, online investment quotes (though one can "go to the Portfolio Manager and Update Prices - Update Prices Manually")

Product type
Application Financial
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18 (5 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe (2010) Sunset Deluxe English 35.97MB 4
Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Home and Business (2010) Sunset Home and Business English 36.97MB 1


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