Microsoft Mouse 2.0

These are drivers provided by Microsoft for the Microsoft BusPort, serial, and PS/2 mice. Introduced in 1983, The Microsoft Mouse is historically important as it was one of Microsoft's earliest hardware products (The other being an Apple II Z-80 CP/M card). The first Mouse for the IBM PC was actually from Mouse Systems, not Microsoft. However, most clone mice emulated Microsoft's serial protocol and DOS driver software interface. The first application designed to make full use of the mouse was Microsoft Word for DOS, and they hyped a product called "Microsoft Windows" (not released until several years later) that was to compete against the upcoming Apple Macintosh and the Mouse Systems based Viscorp Visi On.

Wanted: Version 1.00. Wanted: Version 6.00 and the bundled Paintbrush and Show Partner.

Includes a menu overlay tool, simple drawing program, a mouse driven "Life" game, a Piano program, and Notepad for DOS.

Installation instructions

This version only supports their original Bus Mouse with the bundled ISA Bus adapter.

Note: We previously mis-identified this release as 1.1 because no version number appears in the binaries.

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Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Microsoft Mouse 2.00 Bus Version (1983-12-31) (5.25-320k) 2.00 Bus Version English x86 5¼ Floppy 173.13KB


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