Microsoft Excel 2.1

Excel, from Microsoft, is a powerful spreadsheet application for Mac, Windows, and OS/2. Excel was first released for the Mac. When it was ported to Windows 2.x, they started at version "2.0" to one up current Mac version. There was never a DOS version. Instead, DOS and 8-bit platforms used the older Microsoft Multiplan. Excel was later bundled as part of Microsoft Office

Based on concepts from the granddaddy of all spreadsheets, VisiCalc, some of the spreadsheets it competed against and ultimately conquered include: Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, The Twin, VP-Planner, Ashton Tate Full Impact, Boeing Calc, Surpass Software System's Surpass Spreadsheet, SuperCalc, PlanPerfect and the German StarCalc (Today part of LibreOffice ).

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Microsoft Excel 2.1 was a minor update, and continued to bundle the Windows 2 runtime. 2.1b only changed some packaging files, the application executable is unchanged. 2.1c was the first version compatible with the Windows 3.0 enhanced mode, although still a Windows 2 application. 2.1d also had only minor changes.

Product type
Application Spreadsheet
Release date
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
72 (2 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Excel 2.1 (3.5) 2.1 for Windows English 1.92MB 1
Microsoft Excel 2.1 (5.25) 2.1 for Windows English 1.93MB 0
Microsoft Excel 2.1 (Promotional Edition) (1988) (3.5) 2.1 Promotional Edition English 687.59KB 0
Microsoft Excel 2.1 [French] (3.5-720k) (Kryoflux) 2.1 for Windows French 2.45MB 1
Microsoft Excel 2.1 [Swedish] (3.5-720k) 2.1 for Windows Swedish 3.22MB 0
Microsoft Excel 2.1c (3.5) 2.1c for Windows English 2.74MB 0
Microsoft Excel 2.1d for Windows (1990-07) (3.5-720k) 2.1d for Windows English 4.62MB 0


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