Microsoft BOB 1.00

Microsoft BOB is a Windows 3.1 graphical shell intended for novice users. It presents your desktop as a series of "rooms" with various selectable objects, and assists you with a friendly animated guide. It features vector based graphics that scale to any size or resolution screen, supports user profiles, and includes rudimentary editor, calendar, address book, and checking programs. It was created as a response to Packard Bell Navigator and is somewhat comparable to Apple At Ease and 3DNA.

Aside from being too "cutsey", it flopped largly due to price, lack of OS/application integration, lack of OEM pre-installs, failure to showcase installed software, or lack of any real purpose. Arguably it was successful as a tool for crushing Packard Bell.

Other similar dumbed down applications include Microsoft Creative Writer and Microsoft Fine Artist. The animated guides were later re-used in Microsoft Office 97. The only known shipped retail product that runs within BOB is Microsoft Great Greetings.

1.00 is the original release of Microsoft BOB

Product type
Application Novelty
Release date
Minimum CPU
486SX or higher
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Microsoft BOB 1.00 1.00 English x86 Archive 12.03MB
Microsoft BOB 1.00 (3.5 DMF) 1.00 English x86 3½ Floppy 11.66MB
Microsoft BOB 1.00 (OEM)(CD) 1.00 (OEM) English x86 CD 31.89MB


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