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In 1984 Apple Computer unveiled their Macintosh. It included a new user interface that revolutionized the way people though about computer interaction. Originally referred to as simply "Macintosh System", the underlying OS was a single-tasking disk system for the Motorola 68K CPU. Significant changes were made in MacOS 7.x.

The Macintosh originally came bundled with a Guided Tour of Macintosh, MacWrite, MacPaint, and a Tour of MacPaint and MacWrite.

Emulation note: For MacOS 0.x-6.x we recommend the vMac Mini emulator.

It is possible to write Macintosh 400k/800k images to a real disk using a Kryoflux.

Note: Wikipedia's/Apple's Developer CD Classic Mac OS "System Software" numbering scheme is GARBAGE and should NOT be used.

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Release notes

System 2.0, Finder 4.1 adds MiniFinder, and support for the LaserWriter. Initially it was released as an update disk, alongside MacWrite 4.5 and MacPaint 1.5.

System 2.1, Finder 5.0 was specifically released for use with the Apple Hard Disk 20. Although not announced, it included limited HFS (Hierarchical File System) support.

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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Apple Mac OS (System 2.0 Finder 4.1) (Macintosh System Disk) (Apr 1985) (3.5-400k) S2.0F4.1 English 170.09KB 4
Apple Mac OS (System 2.0 Finder 4.1) (Macintosh System Disk) (Apr 1985) [French] (3.5-400k) S2.0F4.1 French 139.57KB 1
Apple Mac OS (System 2.1 Finder 5.0) (HD 20 Startup) (Sep 1985) (3.5-400k) S2.1F5.0 English 164.4KB 2


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