MacOS X was Apple's replacement for their classic MacOS. MacOS X is based on NeXTSTEP, a Unix-based OS. The first consumer release also featured a new user interface appearance called "Aqua".

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An early Mac OS X preview release. DR2 was the last NEXTSTEP/Mac OS X to run on Intel until the Intel transition in 2006.

Emulation notes: The x86 version of Apple Rhapsody is known to work in VMWare, and VirtualPC. It does not work well in VirtualBox. On real hardware, these versions have very limited hard drive controller, video, and sound support.

The PPC version is only known to work on specific models of PowerPC Macintosh computers. There are no known emulators that will run Apple Rhapsody for PPC.


Category: Operating System
Platform: MacOS
Release: 1997-08-29
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: 486 or PowerPC
Type: Graphical


Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
Apple ''Rhapsody'' (Grail1Z1 Developer Release 1)  BETA 'Rhapsody'' (Grail1Z1 DR 1) 169.26 MB English ppc CD-ROM ISO
Apple ''Rhapsody'' (Grail1Z4 x86 Developer Release 1)  BETA ''Rhapsody'' (Grail1Z4 x86 DR 1) 222.42 MB English x86-32 CD-ROM ISO
Apple ''Rhapsody'' (Titan1T7 Developer Release 2)  BETA ''Rhapsody'' (Titan1T7 DR 2) 209.08 MB English ppc CD-ROM ISO
Apple ''Rhapsody'' (Titan1U x86 Developer Release 2)  BETA ''Rhapsody'' (Titan1U x86 DR 2) 207.33 MB English x86-32 CD-ROM ISO