Lotus Symphony 2.00

Lotus Symphony is a an integrated software program that combines five tools: spreadsheet - word processing, graphics, database management, and data communications - in one package. The spreadsheet has similar functionality to Lotus 1-2-3, however it uses a different software "engine". These releases are of the original suite produced by Lotus. For the unrelated suite produced by IBM under the same name, see "IBM Lotus Symphony".


Release notes

2.0 has many new features including enhanced database and word processing, a spelling checker and text outliner, plus minimal recalc for faster spreadsheet performance, DCA file translation to exchange data with other programs as well as VT100 terminal emulation.

Installation instructions

Archive contains nine 360k disks. Raw 360k disk format. There does not appear to be any copy protection, although unserialized disks may have protection.

To install, copy all files from the disk to a folder. Then run Install.exe to configure your hardware. On standard hardware and emulators this program supports up to 64035016 EGA graphics.

Note: The key you are supposed to magically know how to press to actually do anything is F9.

Product type
Application Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Communications Database
Release date
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
User interface
Download count
2 (1 for release)


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Lotus Symphony Release 2.00 (5.25) 2.00 English 902.49KB 1


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