Lotus Symphony 1.00

Lotus Symphony is a an integrated software program that combines five tools: spreadsheet - word processing, graphics, database management, and data communications - in one package. The spreadsheet has similar functionality to Lotus 1-2-3, however it uses a different software "engine". These releases are of the original suite produced by Lotus. For the unrelated suite produced by IBM under the same name, see "IBM Lotus Symphony".


Release notes

This archive contains six symphony 360k disk images plus one courseware disk image in raw, CopyIIPC+Snatchit, and Transcopy format.

Installation instructions

Important: These images contain copy protection. To write functional disks, you must use the CopyIIPC, Transcopy, SuperCard pro or Kryoflux images.

The IBM PC set will also work unmodified in the PCE emulator. For raw images or files, you must first apply an unprotect to the PROGRAM disk. See the unprotect folder for more details.

Note: To install to a hard drive, use the DOS copy command to copy all files from all disks to a folder on a hard drive. You may run symphony.exe from the hard drive, but the program disk (the protected key disk) must be in the floppy drive, unless you applied the unprotect.

To run the IBM set in DOSBox: copy the contents of each folder in Files to a folder. Then add the contents of unprotect\files to that folder. Mount the folder in DOSBox, run "Symp.com" then "Symphony.exe"

The DEC Rainbow version is specifically for the DEC Rainbow computer and will not work on anything else.

Product type
Application Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Communications Database
Release date
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
2 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Lotus Symphony Release 1.00 (1984) (5.25-360k) (Kryoflux) (SCP) (TC) 1.00 English 44.42MB 0
Lotus Symphony Release 1.00 (1984) (5.25-360k) (alt) (SCP) 1.00 English 30.34MB 0
Lotus Symphony Release 1.00 (1985) [DEC Rainbow] (5.25-SSQD) 1.00 English 59.69MB 0


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