IBM Storyboard Plus 1.x

IBM Storyboard is a presentation, charting, and animation program that was part of IBM's standard office products during the 1980s. First released in 1985, 1.00 only supports the IBM PC with CGA graphics. Later versions, including "Storyboard Plus" and "Storyboard Live", added EGA and VGA support and video capture. It competed against slideshow programs such as Show-Partner FX.


Release notes

IBM Storyboard Plus is a productivity tool for the business professional who is seeking a low cost, high quality, productive way to prepare and present business information. Storyboard Plus provides the functions currently in Storyboard 1 and Drawing Assistant, plus many new functions. These include image rotation and scaling, capture of images created by a video camera, and input/output from a voice card.

Installation instructions

To install, run Install.exe from the first floppy disk.

After installation, start story board plus by running SBMENU.EXE.

You should configure the application to your system the first time you run it. Press F2 to enter the application setup. From there, select your mouse type, printer, and screen resolution.

This version supports CGA and EGA modes as well as VGA 64048016 or 320200256 VGA modes.

Product type
Application Graphics
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2 (0 for release)


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IBM Storyboard Plus 1.01 (5.25) Plus 1.01 English 495.12KB 0
IBM Storyboard Plus 1.01 Manual Plus 1.01 English 14.52MB 0


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