IBM Storyboard Live 2.0

IBM Storyboard is a presentation, charting, and animation program that was part of IBM's standard office products during the 1980s. First released in 1985, 1.00 only supports the IBM PC with CGA graphics. Later versions, including "Storyboard Plus" and "Storyboard Live", added EGA and VGA support and video capture. It competed against slideshow programs such as Show-Partner FX.


Release notes

This version of Storyboard has a revised user interface that resembles OS/2 2.0, and it supports capturing sound and video with certain devices.

Installation instructions

Requirements: Requires a mouse

Sound: Supports Sound Blaster/Pro, Digispeech DS201A, IBM M-Audio Capture and Playback Adapter, IBM Audio Capture and Playback Adapter, IBM PS/1 Audio and Joystick Adapter, IBM PS/2 Speech Adapter, Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum Plus/16

Video capture card: Digital Vision Computer Eyes, IBM Video Capture Adapter/A, Jovian Logic VIA, Truevision Targa 16 and Targa+

Video: Supports up to 320x200x256 or 640x480x16 on standard VGA adapters, or 640x480x256 on an IBM 8514/A video card.

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Application Graphics
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