Harvard Graphics A.00

Harvard Graphics, from Software Publishing Corporation and initially called Harvard Presentation Graphics, is a graphing/plotting/presentation creation application for DOS. It was extremely popular in the late 1980s. At release, it competed against many graphing products such as PFS:Graph (AKA IBM Graphing Assistant ), Microsoft Chart, ChartMaster, and Cricket Graph, just to name a small few. A Windows port was released in 1991, but it lost out to Microsoft Powerpoint.


Release notes

Harvard Presentation Graphics A.00 is the very first release of Harvard Graphics.

This version is historically notable for using one of craziest floppy copy protection schemes found on IBM PCs.

SPC used an odd A:00, A:01, B:00 style version numbering on many of their early products, however they switched to normal version numbers and a slightly different name with "Harvard Graphics 2.0".

Installation instructions

IMPORTANT!: This software is copy protected, and no unprotect is provided.

To create a working floppy disk, you must use the included Kryoflux, SuperCard Pro, or Transcopy images. A PSI image is also included for use with the PCE emulator.

The copy protection is incompatible with some later computers. The install/deinstall will not work in PCE, but it can be run directly from the floppy.

The copy protection method stores the text "SPC1986" in the gap area immediately after the sector data of some sectors on cylinder 5. It can read this data by doing a special non-standard track read, but a normal FDC can not create this data. It also keeps track of the number of times you installed the product by writing to some of these sectors, which partially overwrites the data in the gap area.

Product type
Application Graphics
Software Publishing Corp
Release date
Thu Feb 27 1986
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
9 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Harvard Presentation Graphics A.00 (2-27-1986) (5.25-360k) A.00 English 14.71MB 0
Harvard Presentation Graphics A.00 Manual A.00 English 39.62MB 0


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