Harvard Graphics 4.0 for Windows

Harvard Graphics, from Software Publishing Corporation and initially called Harvard Presentation Graphics, is a graphing/plotting/presentation creation application for DOS. It was extremely popular in the late 1980s. At release, it competed against many graphing products such as PFS:Graph (AKA IBM Graphing Assistant ), Microsoft Chart, ChartMaster, and Cricket Graph, just to name a small few. A Windows port was released in 1991, but it lost out to Microsoft Powerpoint.

Release notes

Harvard Graphics for Windows 4 is a 32-bit presentation creation application for Windows 95/NT.

Product type
Application Graphics
Release date
Mon Sep 11 1995
User interface
Download count
5 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Harvard Graphics for Windows 4.0 4.0 For Windows English 19.75MB 1


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