FoxBASE Plus 1.x

FoxBASE, a relational database from Fox Software, started off in 1984 as a clone of dBase II that boasted many speed improvements. FoxBASE+ adds feature parity and compatibility with dBase III Plus. It was later aquired by Microsoft and became FoxPro

The Macintosh version was the first version with a GUI. The redesigned UI was then the basis for that of FoxPro for both later DOS versions and Windows.

FoxBASE's main selling point was it was much, much faster than dBase or other dBase clones. It also featured a built in defelopment environment, form and report generatation without any programming, and an interactive command environment.

Wanted: FoxBase 1.x (from 1984, non-Plus), first Multi-User FoxBase (1985), Manual scans.

Product type
Application Database
Fox Software
Release date
User interface
DOS Unix MacOS
Download count
4 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
FoxBASE Plus 1.0 for Xenix [SCO] (5.25-360k) Plus 1.0 for Xenix [SCO] English 480.33KB 0
FoxBASE Plus 1.10 for Macintosh (1988) (3.5-800k) Plus 1.10 for Macintosh English 13.97MB 1


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