Encore 2.x

Encore, from Passport Designs, is a music program that originated on the Atari ST in 1984. It enables writing and editing music using traditional notation format. It can import and export to a number of sources and supports MIDI playback.

Encore is notable for being one of the first scorewriter programs to enable items in the musical score to be added and edited using the mouse.


Release notes

The DOS version is very picky about memory management and does not run inside Windows.

The Windows version appears to be for Windows 3.0 Multimedia Edition, not 3.1. Do not attempt to install the drivers under 3.1.

Product type
Application Audio
Passport Designs
Release date
User interface
DOS Windows
Download count
2 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Encore 2.0.4 for DOS (3.5-720k) 2.0.4 for DOS English 788.2KB 0
Encore 2.5.1 for Windows 2.5.1 for Windows English 1.43MB 1


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