Copy II PC 6.00

Central Point Copy II PC is a disk duplication program that can successfully copy many copy protected disks using only standard IBM PC hardware. It is generally considered the best software-only solution for duplicating such disks.

Copy II PC will not save images to floppy disk. However this limitation can be overcome with a third party utility called "snatchit".

It is speculated the omission of saving was to appease businesses using copy protection, but more likely was to avoid competition with their Copy II PC Option Board/Transcopy hardware.

A more comprehensive archive can be found in the Icequake mirror

Release notes

6.00 is the final version of this product. It is also the preferred version for anyone using Copy II PC as it has the best support for faster processors. In a few cases, however, it may reject specific copy protection methods that earlier ones may copy due to pressure from vendors.

Product type
Application Utility
Release date
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
19 (5 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Copy II PC 6.00 (1990) (5.25-360k) (3.5-720k) 6.00 English 22.45MB 2
Copy II PC 6.00 (3.5-720k) (alt) 6.00 English 64.54KB 1
Copy II PC 6.00 (5.25-360k) (alt) 6.00 English 64.51KB 2


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